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Hi All,

I need assistance in selecting the appropriate camera for my needs. A little background first. I am strictly amateur when it comes to photography, currently using a 3.1MP Kodak. I am looking at upgrading to a higher spec camera to pursue a growing interest in photography. But I have hit a brick wall in deciding whichcanon to purchase. Its down to the 300D dSLR and the 8mp Pro 1. Both seem to have great reviews and as far as I can see from the sample pictures almost identical picture quality.

The salespeople I have spoken to suggest that the 300D will have superior image quality and based on this I should grab it. Theycan't really give me a reason the SLR is better but suggest I buy it anyway. "SLR is just better". If someone told me hands down thatit offers a better imagequality in all different light conditions over the Pro1I would probably select the 300D.

I intend on traveling next year and I'm concerned that the 300D will be a bit bulky to carry around. The movie mode may come in handy on the Pro1 but it's not a priority in the least. I like the size and weight of the Pro1.. and the price.

I'll be shooting scenery and landscapes mainly with Wildlife, Weather and portraits thrown in. I want to start doing some night time photo's too. But I need a camera that will perform equally as well as a general purpose point and shoot at parties and get togethers. Again image quality is the bottom line. Image size to me is not important - anything above 5mp is fine. I want to present "professional" quality images and have the ability to learn the art without breaking the bank. Quality and flexibilty.

As naive as I am at present I see noclear reason to buy the more expensive 300D when the Pro1 will do the same job at a lower price. At the same time I don't want to buy the Pro1 and then end up buying a dSLR because of something I missed.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Im not sure where you are, but here in the US the Canon Rebel with 18-55 lens is cheaper than the Pro1
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The pro1 seems to bring something new in this range: better "expert" settings and hi-end optics. But it's still a bridge cam. The sensor is very small (about x3,9 multiplicator to 35mm equivalent), so the cells are way to small to perform well in fast iso:

"The noise at ISO 400 is unacceptable even at fast shutter speeds. The noise at ISO 200 is noticeable, and at ISO 100 it's detectable." (Steve's review). The 300D, even being the cheapest DSLR on the market, achieves well at 400 iso, the 800 iso mode seems not so bad and could be enough with noise reduction (like "Neat Image") and/or small format prints. If needed 1600 iso is available. Look on the image samples in the reviews to see what I mean.

For night photography, for the ease of use (real viewer instead of sluggish&uggly EVF...), for the possibility to replace the lens,I'd buy the 300D. Keep an old pocket-size 3MP for party-time, if you don't want to be bugged buy the 300D's size.

:idea:If u buy a superb Canon lens (17-40 f4 L?) and a 300D, when u change the 300D, u'll keep the superb lens...

If the size of you're camera is very important, take the Pro1. Don't be like my old mum, whoowns a superb Nikon FE with 55mm micro-nikkor for 30 years and never takes it on tours because "it's too heavy" -"sight!":?
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I'd say it all comes down to money. If you purchase the Rebel you will be spending more money on accessories. If you have the cash I'd get the Rebel.
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The DSLR will produce better pics, especially in low-light where higher ISOs would help. The prosumer camera would produce tons of noise at higher ISOs while the DSLR would have very little--that's the main difference IMO. If you are planning to shoot at night or something, the DSLR will likely outperform the prosumer.

However, keep in mind that the DSLR would cost WAY MORE if you were to replicate the features of the Pro1. For example, you would need to buy more lens (which probably costs $300+) if you wanted the 7x zoom on the Pro1. If you want image stabilization, that costs more too. And so on.

If you go into DSLRs, you are realy making a long-term investment. If you buy the Rebel, you are not buying that camera per se. Instead, you are buying into the Canon system with all their lenses and stuff. If you were to upgrade in 2 years, you will likely keep the lenses and simply change the body...

Since you sound like a hardcore amateur photographer, I think the Rebel is perhaps best for you. You should also consider competitor systems like the Nikon (and the Nikon D70)...
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Thanks everyone...

I appreciate your help.


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