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I am interested in purchasing a digital camera.I have found sony V3 at a veeery good price,canon A95 also at a good price and besides these 2 digital camera i would like you tosuggest me a digital camera.i

other question i have is :

Is sony V3 a good choice?

should i consider canon A95 or sony p120 or sony p150 or sony w1?

witch one of these5 digital cameras ( sony-V3,canon-A95, sony-p120, sony-p150, sony-w1)would you suggest me?

thanks for your time!

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These cameras are in different classes.... the Sony W1 is small (ultra-compact), while the Canon A95 is a bit larger (compact), and the Sony V3 is even bigger if I remember... the sony V3 is a mid-end low-zoom general prosumer camera, while the W1 is a point&shoot, and the A95 is a middle-of-the-pack general point&shoot...

How much does size matter to you? If you don't care about size, I think you should ignore the ultra-compacts (since they generally don't have many manual choices)...
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The cameras you listed have very different prices and features.

If you can spend a lot on the V3, then go ahead, you wouldn't be disappointed. It's a prosumer model with all the bells and whistles any photographer would want and a bit more.

The other Sonys are ok cameras, can't say they are really really excellent but they should be enough for the average photographer, especially beginners and P&S.

The Canon A95 is a slightly different story. It's aimed at the mid-low section of the price spectrum, for the photographer who wanted some manual controls(but not too much) while keeping the price low. The Canon A-series are very similar to each other (probably a cost savings for Canon) to keep the price low. And it works well (but not much of a looker). So for the Canon, if it ain't broke, why fix it.

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