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In 2 weeks I'm taking a trip to Athens and I am in need of a digital camera. I value compact size above all considering I don't want to chug around a big camera. I've narrowed it down to both Canon's Sd300 and Sony's Dsc-T1. This may be a toss-up considering both take crappy night shots, but I'm looking for the better one of the two…I do not care about the price differential…(money is no object. I just want something that will work nicely) I value crisp clear pictures and as stated before, decent night shots. I don't need all the options and settings of an SLR, and I don't mind using either kind of memory. This is going to be my first DC purchase so I need something that will last at least a year. Thanks for the help!
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The fact that the Canon has a faster lens and a more powerful flash would make it an easy choice over the Sony. At least for me.....

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The Canon Sd300 has received MUCH better reviews than the Sony. Lots of people online give the SONY mixed reviews esp. in regards to picture quality. It's a very "cool and hip" camera but I think you will get better results with the Canon.
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What do you mean by "night shots"?

Unless you plan on using a tripod, and are shooting non-stationary subjects, you'll need to use the flash in less than optimum lighting conditions with a small camera (and stay within the rated flash range). Otherwise, you'll get motion blur from shuttter speeds that are too slow (the camera must keep the shutter open long enough for proper exposure).

So, I'd make sure to look at flash range for any model you are considering in it's specifications.

Small cameras are very convenient, but their small lens design, combined with weaker flashes, can make them less than desirable for some shooting conditions.

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If you care about style and looks (although it can be argued the T1 is old school since it has been out for over an year), I would go with the T1 (or T3 or M1)... otherwise, the SD300 is better. The SD300 is better overall in nearly everything compared to T1 (you should also consider a key competitor to the SD300, the Panasonic FX7).

You basically need to use flash during night time and nearly all ultra-compacts have weak flashes (and red-eye problems). So don't expect any miracles in low-light situations.
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