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So... its 2005 and its high time I upgraded my digital camera (Coolpix 900... remember those ?) and ditched my film camera (Canon Elan EOS)

I've got an 80-200 lens for the EOS that would be useful if we got a Canon product.

I'll be using the camera for general picture taking. We do a lot of outdoor activities (hiking, mountain biking, back country skiing, snowboarding, camping, travelling) and we expect to take the camera with us wherever we go. It needs to be rugged and highly portable.

We lug the EOS around, or rather I do. I would love something about 30% smaller.

I've looked at 4 cameras serious and they've all got "issues" for my use:

D70: pretty big to lug around in a fanny pack. Nice versatility with the included lens. Good picture quality. If only it was smaller.

300D: lacks a few features we'd like to see. I don't like buying "dumbed down" products because sooner or later it haunts me.

20D: beautiful, but too pricy for me to justify. I love the high speed, perfect for taking pictures of snowboarding crashes. Great high ISO/low light performance. Could be a bit smaller.

*istDS: I hate the name. Perfect size. Feels a bit cheap. I'm not sure about the image quality. I don't want to be doing a lot of post capture image enhancement. Would be nice if the lens had a little more range to it. Has a nicer LCD than the D70.

I'm set on a dSLR because of limitations with non SLR cameras and I want a TTL viewfinder for special applications I might use the camera for.

So... any chance that Canon is going to come out with a more feature packed dRebel ? How about the price of the D20 coming down to about half where it is now ? How about Nikon decreasing the size/weight of the D70 ? Its great that it uses compact flash, but the size of the mechanism and card itself is huge.

I've got this feeling that I need to be patient for another year before I'll find my perfect camera.

I almost bought a Sony 707 and then 808, but now they look inferior compared to the new dSLRs.
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