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I was looking at both cameras but decided on the Canon. It was not an easy choice. I wanted a small body for hiking, and like you, had no lenses yet. For a first lens I picked up a Sigma 18-125mm for my walk around lens. I have not been disappointed with this combination.The Canon was actually $50 cheaper then the *istDS - body only here in Calgary.

Just before I bought the XT, I contacted Pentax and they told me there would be a newer version of the *istDS coming out in the summer. I needed a camera sooner then that.

Each camera has some nice features. You won't go wrong with either. I wonder what is coming out in the summer from Pentax?

If you are not in a hurry, you might want to wait and see. Maybe the price of the *istDSwill come down in the mean time.

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Here are a couple of reviews for you to check:

Canon: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos350d/

Pentax: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/pentaxistds/

Hope they help.

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Phil from DPR is seriously Canon biased and his reviews are far from being objective :G
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i dont think that i can give you a biased review because i have the canon and have not owned a pentax, but i think that anyone that doesnt own both cameras can give you a perfect comparison :?

the main reason i went with the canon is that i knew that they would be able to provide flexability for me as i grew into photography. for instance: i started with the 300D (origional Rebel) and when the time and the money was available, i purchased the 350D (rebel XT) on march 2, since then i have had the opprutunity (sp?) to shadow a photographer and decided that it was the time to make another purchase, the 20D. the best thing of all is that all of my lenses that i have collected will work on all the cameras. even though my 20D is a better camera than my XT, i have not sold it and use it whenever i am out and dont want to haul all of my 20D equipment.

things that i enjoy about my XT are:
-WIDE variety of lenses (ranging from cheap to pro)
-awesome batt life
-microdrive caompatable
-supprisingly durable*
-accessory availability**

* i was in my car and some nitwit decided to run a red light and force me to slam on my breaks. my XT, 'riding shotgun' in the passanger seat gets hruled at the dash and falls to the floor. the only damage that occured was a nice cut in the dash from the camera flash. suprisingly when i turned the camera on there were no ill effects

i have also dropped my camera on the sidewalk from waist level (3.5 feet?) and the only damage were some cute battle scratches on the CF compartment.

** another consideration that i thought about was the wase of finding accessories for the camera, not only now but further on down the line. i like how i cango to a local camera shop and find just about anything i need and pick it up in the store THAT DAY. having to wait days for spare batteries/ battery grips and other things was not what i wanted.


i think that i made the right choice for myself (college student that is in to immediate gradification and doesnt keep his camera in a case like he should) but everyone is different and that is why there are different cameras out there.

P.S. no the XT isnt going on ebay, i am definately keeping it as a reliable backup
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