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My wife is looking for a compact digital Point-n-Shoot camera that will produce NO red eyes. My 7 year-old daughter has green eyes and with a friend's Canon S400, she always gets "devil-like" red eyes.

So far I'm considering the Nikon Coolpix 7900. Any other recommendations?

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The Sony P200 is well known for its lack of red-eye. I have one and very rarely see it in our photos. The shape of the "P" series cameras allows the flash to be located further from the lens than most cameras which is why it has such little red-eye in flash shots.

Aside from the lack of red-eye, it has some great features and, IMO, is the best 7mp ultra compact available at the moment. Considering it can be bought for $300-$340 makes it a great bargain too.
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Red-eye can be reduced by increasing the lens-eye-flash angle. That means moving the flash further from the lens, or moving closer to the subject. Have your wife try setting the borrowed camera to the widest/shortest lens setting possible which will force her to move closer to fill the frame with the subject.

In general, compact cameras will have the worst red-eye since the camera is small the flash will be close to the lens. Some better than others, but none real good.
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