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I am very much an amature with regards to digital photography. I love to take pictures, particularly of my kids. Both of my chilcren are quite active, so good action shots are a must. Currently, I have a Fuju finepix 3800 with a 6x optical zoom, 3.2 Megapixel. I have been quite happy with it until I tried to take photos during indoor basketball games last winter. All of the photos were just too blurry to work with, I was unable to freeze the action, despite trying multiple settings.I spoke to some people who knew a little more about photography in general than I do and they suggested that what I may need is a bigger flash (my camera doesn't accept an external flash). These same people advised me to take a look at this website and I must say, I am overwhelmed.

After reading the reviews, I am very impressed with the Canon Digital Rebel XT but I am wondering if it is too much camera for me. Also, I have no idea what kind of lens would be best for me to purchase. I like to edit my photos and sometimes digitally compose/alter them. The high megapixels are appealing because I could crop aggressively and not lose quality. I really need to take a photography class or something, (any suggestions for learning would be appreciated).

I was also looking at something simpler like the Fuji 550, This camera obviously would be easier to operatebut I am not sure that it would capture the action as I would like, alsoit would be nice not to have to upgrade in the near future.

Thanks so much, VJNB

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Short of going DSLR, which you may or may not be ready for, either ability-wise or price-wise, I'd take a look at the Fuji F10. It's the only P&S camera I know that is ISO 1600 capable. That will enable you to capture low light action without flash.

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The reason why your 3800 didn't work for indoor basketball games is that it's ISO is so low that you will never get high enough shutter speeds. Secondly, buying something with a more powerful flash will not help, as no flash is able to light up a gym, and a flash is extremely distracting to the players anyway.

The only way to get good indoor action shots, which need higher shutter speeds than normal, is to buy something that will give you much higher ISO. The only compact point&shoot that will do this is the Fuji F-10, but it's zoom will not put you into the action. Therefore, if you really want to get serious about indoor action shots, you will need to use some type of dslr and a fast zoom lens.

An XT or similar should not be too much camera for you, as you can just use it in auto mode until you learn the manual features. Besides, I'm fairly certain that it comes with an instruction manual.

You might also look at the Pentax *istDS, which has even higher ISO, and can use older Pentax mount-lenses as well. A new one with kit lens can be had for under $700.

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