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:?Please help ASAP! I am considering a new DSLR and I can get one of the below packages for FREE.

Why I want the camera is to expand my hobby of photographing my baby and my dogs. I do some other outdoor and macro shooting, as well. I am pretty good with my P&S Fuji that I have had for years, and am told that I have the 'eye' for photography. I really want more creativecontrol than most P&S cameraswill afford me.I am only slightly proficient with PhotoShop, and I will be learning the whole DSLR camera 'system' from scratch, so I have a lot to learn. Maybe after playing around enough, I will take photography to the next level, but I need to start somewhere.

I have found that a lot of lag time between shots REALLY frustrates me, as does poor battery life and RED EYES! (Just to name a few.)

I am interested in setting up a cheap but effective home studio for shooting my baby, so I would really appreciate suggestions for lighting and other studio necessaties, as well.

I wanted to get the Canon Rebel XT, per the recommendation of my baby's photographer, but it is not an option, because I cannot get it FREE, so please limit cheers for the Rebel.

Here are the FREE DSLR camera package options...

Olympus Evolt E-300 Digital SLR Package
Beginners, this is your camera! (Just don't tell the pro!) The 100% digital Evolt is compact, fast, and reliable. Olympus' new simple "Scene Select" exposure optimizes your first efforts. Change lenses fast and fearlessly - Olympus' patented Supersonic Wave Filter virtually eliminates dust settling on the images sensor, eliminating the need for computer retouching. Zuiko Digital Specific Lenses deliver outstanding image quality while the TruePic TURBO Image Processor ensures realistic color, low noise, plus fast startup and shot-to-shot times. This package includes:

[*]Evolt E-300 Body [/*][*]14-45mm f.3.5-5.6 Zuiko Digital Zoom, [/*][*]40-150mm f.3.5-4.5 ZuikoDigital Zoom, [/*][*]260113 FL-36 Electronic Flash, [/*][*]LB-01 CR-V3 Lithium Battery, [/*][*]128mb Compact Flash. [/*][*]2-AA Batteries

Nikon D-70 6.1MP SLR Outfit


[/*][*]The D70 Outfit comes with a D70 digital SLR camera body and a 18-70mm AF-S DX f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED Zoom-Nikkor Lens. [/*][*]With 3 frames per second and a Dynamic Buffer that lets you capture every special moment you want to photograph. [/*][*]Featuring a 1/8000 second shutter speed and a synch speed of 1/500 second for flash. [/*][*]Flexible Digital Vari-Program modes, a Nikon-exclusive feature, lets photographers begin shooting right away by setting the camera on a specific auto mode. Portrait, Landscape, Close-Up, Sports, Night Portrait, Night Landscape, Auto. [/*][*]A variety of file formats, including Nikon's RAW mode (NEF), JPEG formats or Nikon's exclusive compressed JPEG + NEF combination. [/*][*]Just switch it on and you're ready to take pictures. No waiting for the camera to start.

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Let me know how I can get one of these for free and I'll answer your questions... =o)

Hehe... well, seriously I'd go with the Nikon.

Even though you are getting more lenses and such with the E-Volt... it's noisier than the Nikon D70, which is an awesome camera.

I do prefer Canon as well, as a Canon owner and I'm about to buy a Rebel XT to move to from my Digital Rebel 300D.

But the Nikon is my choice... Now where do I get a free D-SLR package from?

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Old Aug 30, 2005, 1:10 AM   #3
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Well........I guess FREE is a relative term! My husband travels A LOT, and those packages are just a couple of options through the Marriott Rewards program. (Sounds like a plug!)

Anyway, PAY for a bunch of stays at the Marriott, and you too can have your 'FREE' Nikon package.

BTW, American Express has the Canon XT, but I already spent his points there, so I am out of luck! (Sounds like another plug, but I promise, it isn't.)

Thanks for the advice!

Other input still welcome...
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Old Aug 30, 2005, 10:07 AM   #4
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E-300: D70

28-300mm (35mm fov)with 2 very nice lenses:27-105mm (35mm fov) with 1 lens

Winner: E300 with 2 lenses and almost 3x the zoom range

E-300 Body : D70 body

Winner: Tie as both offer great advantages but some shortcomings. Oly has some jpeg and higher iso issues compared to the D70 but also offers the sswf which imho is something any future camera I own would have to have after owning my E-1 for a year and never having dust spec issues in my landscapes even when shooting at F22.

Onboard flash + FL36 external flash : Onboard flash

Winner: E-300 hands down. The camera has the ability to use both the onboard flash and external flash at the same time which is a unique feature no other dsrl can do to my knowledge. Having a high(er) powered flash can definately ease the nessesity of having to use higher iso which introduces the potential noise issues seen with the e-300.

Since no actual money is being spent on either setup it kinda changes the best bang for the buck comparison sometimes used for comparisons of two camera systems. I will admit I would most likely be a little bias towards the E-300 as I currently own an E-1 setup. I just look at the complete setup for both camera and with the E-300 you simply won't have to buy anything for the camera at all to use it for almost any situation that comes to mind. Its really a complete kit you have listed there and what alot of people would go to a camera store and walk away with in a bag. It would also fullfill about 90% of the kinds/type of situations I use my setup for.

This is not to say that the D70 kit isn't a great setup either. The body is argueable much better in alot of ways compared to the E-300 and in many it is without question. However I can't simply outweight the facts that you are getting 2 great lenses with the Oly compared to 1 great lens with the Nikon as well as a very good external flash.

I just remember what it was like with my E-1 and only having use of the 14-54mm lens I had at the time. Until I was able to purchase the 50-200mm lens to cover the long end of the zoom range my old C750uz always was taken along for the trips because of its reach.Having the use of that second 40-150mm lens will help alot.

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The bottom line is simply this: if you are going to shoot any low light level photos, then go with the Nikon D-70. The Olympus E-Volt 300 is a great camera, but there is LOTS of noise above ISO 200 to 400.

Sarah Joyce
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Old Aug 30, 2005, 8:14 PM   #6
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I have taken photos without flash 1.5 hours after sunset at iso800 that are very acceptible... I plan on taking some sample and posting them on my web site to show as samples (soon I hope)...
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Old Aug 30, 2005, 8:49 PM   #7
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I assume that you mean you are taking those photos with the E300, right? Please send a link to your website when you get those posted. I am very interested in seeing them.

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Old Aug 30, 2005, 9:34 PM   #8
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Actually, http://www.imaging-resource.comis a better non-biased resource.

Rebel XTiso 1600 sample


E-300 iso 1600 sample


realize though, you should download the files and print then both and/or download them and view them at 1024 x768 (or whatever your desktop resolution is) as a desktop wallpaper....
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Old Sep 1, 2005, 12:02 PM   #9
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Interesting dilemma, wish I had this particular problem. I would go with the Olympus for a number of reasons:

1- Since you do not have a 35mm SLR you are not wedded to a lens system, so the Olympus is a valid choice.

2- Content, the Evolt package has everything you will need for a very long time, the D70 is a camera and lens.

3- Noise? What noise? Noise at high ISO has become a big deal as cameras get better at controlling it. The Olympus has enough noise that it might actually look like high ISO film in large prints, big deal. Yes the D70 is cleaner, but I would not give up all of the content of the Olympus kit just for a cleaner high ISO image. When I used film I rarely used anything higher than 400ISO, unless you are going for action shots in low light (which may be so with a young child) you will rarely use the high ISO anyway, and when you do there are some excellent software packages which will eliminate most of the noise. HornOUBethad the right idea, take some samples from the internet and actually print them and see what you think then, don't be a pixel peeper.

4- If you don't like dealing with red eye you need an external flash to eliminate it see http://www.k12.nf.ca/gc/photoclubweb/flashbasics1.htmon my school web site. Advantage Olympus.

5- Olympus makes good lenses, even their economy lenses (which these are) are very good.

6- The hypersonic dust filter. Sensor cleaning is a process requiring care, and at least a little technical skill, the Evolt will greatly reduce the number of times its sensor must be cleaned by doing most of it itself. This is one of the best features of the E-series Olympus DSLRs.

Finally, if the Nikon package included two lenses and an external flash I would probably be plugging it, but the Olympus 4/3 system is definitely a line with quality across the board. I'd definitely go with the Olympus. (even though the more recognized Nikon name may carry a certain snob appeal... oops did I type that out loud??)

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I agree with last post (from Monza76). I am biased toward Olympus, since I own one, but on other hand i can tell, that noise is not big issue in real life. At least for me.
Best regards!
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