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Ok, one last try now that I'm in the correct forum, lol...I'm soooo stuck on what camera to choose....Either the Casio Z750 or Pro 700 or Canon G6 or S70....Too many choices I've narrowed down to right? Huh? And just when I think I've made my decision, I read another post about another camera that would be highly recommended.:-? My last camera I had and still have is theSamsung 420 which was dropped on the ground with the lens open.....I absolutely loved this camera and have been told by everyone not to send back to factory for repair as it would cost more to fix than if I were to buy a new camera. Should I send this one back and at least try? Also since I loved this Samsung I've looked at the Samsung 700....This camera looks great to me, being that I owned a Samsung.....

What I need is a camera that I need for taking photos inside of furnishings to email to clients and to put in ads in magazines and I also do a lot of outdoor photography of horses and people...I've read so many reviews on this site and elsewhere and just about any camera one selects there are great reviews. I know every camera has its pros and cons, so maybe I should just do "enee, meenee" and hope for the best, lol as I'm so frustrated!:sad: Let me say I'm not camera literate as most all of you out there are, but I learn very quickly. I do want a 7 pix though. Any help would be appreciated.Try not to laugh too hard at this post, lol...Surely there must be othersout there like me? Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this.


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The S70 is good for interiors and scenery because of the wide angle lens. The telephoto doesn't have a lot of reach though.

You might also want to think about the Panasonic FX9 if you use available light indoors for the furniture. The mechanical stabilization gives good handheld capabilities. I'm not a big fan of not having an optical viewfinder, but it is a good camera otherwise.

The G6 gives you an extra f-stop at full wide. It is one of the best all-round cameras on the market IMO.

If you can't put it in your pocket you might want to think about something like the FZ30 when it is available. It would be great for the horses and good for available light with stabilization.

If you make very large prints or crop extensively 7Mp can be significant. But up to 11 X 14 or reasonable cropping 5Mp works well. I even get very nice 13 X 17 prints from my 5Mp camera. 7Mp from my Z750 does look a little better at 13 X 17, but it isn't by a lot. There are a some 5Mp cameras that would give you good service for what you are doing – especially the horses. The Canon S2, Sony H1 and Panasonic FZ20 are very good cameras with stabilization for the interiors and super zoom for the horses.

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Hi Trappeur,

Its quite a range that you are looking at.

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Hello Trappeur-

There certainly have been some good suggestions made for you thus far. It just occurred to me that those suggestions might be too expensive. They are excellent digital cameras but the cost some $$$.

Why not take a look at the Olympus C-5500. It will give you 5mp and 5X optical zoom. It sells for around $200 (US) and hadthe much sought after 1/1.8 imager as well.

Here is a sample photo taken with the C-5500 in our living room using ISO 400, hand held and with no flash. It might save you some bucks.

Sarah Joyce
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