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Hi everyone who contributed to my thread to avoid the dreaded Buyers Remorse.

I have never done anything as far as purchasing one: yet.

You all havedefinitelygotten me swung over to the Nikon camp however.

I saw one of the newest S4 models last night.

Doesn't look too shabby, but (or course) no one in the store knew spit how to demo it in macro.


Still farabove my original budget at $330 + tripod + cards. (double actually)


I totally trust you fellows about the Models 900 & 990: I just can't seem to find any that are NIB, and I'm not buying a used camera on eBay. Too much potential BS to tolerate + no support: other than forums like this one. Warranty on eBay purchases is iffy most of the time as well.

Looks to me like if I run with a new model: it's gonna be the 7900, or the S4.

The only recognizable diff a newbie like me sees is that I'll be less likely to lose the SL4, and it appears to have better zoom specs. But please keep in mind: This is NOT my only criterion, and fantastic macros are not my 1st priority.

I just need a simple, decent digital camera, so I can take actual pics to publishon linewithout that awkward feeling of swiping someone else's.

Any comments on the 2) much appreciated!

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Old Oct 11, 2005, 10:28 PM   #32
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Ladies and Gentlemen who have contributed to this thread so far: my honest Thanks!

I canonly comment on this as of today, when I am ready to take my few yearlydays of continuous vacation.

I admire the comments, time for the research for these replies, and really appreciate the help.

As of today, after a thread on the Ebay forums: thosefellow Ebay'rshave got me back into another camera as first consideration: The Canon 520[/b].

So: puhleease don't cringe[/i], and if anyone here care's to talk me down[/i]: be my guest. There are several reasons to buy the Canon:

It's relatively inexpensive, the experienced Ebay'rs (I'm one as well & kind of agree): if I buy an older version of the Nikon: I am asking for trouble. You never know what you are actually getting,and even though Ebay is full of honest sellers: there were bunches of posts on getting stung on used dig. optics on Ebay.

I just can't handle the hassle of not purchasing a new model from an authorized reseller for too many reasons to post here: warranty being the main issue.

While I'm gone for a few days: would someone pleasepost back their opinion?

Should I go ahead & kick for a Canon 520 (selling for$165) or even bother waiting on the reviews/conclusions on the NikonS4?

The swiveling lens captured my attention for the ease of using this feature for tripod shooting without having to do ajuggling act of re-positioning the object or lighting source to get a good pic.

In conclusion, if everyone here isn't sick of this newbie topic: kindly post away.

Looks like I'm goingwith the 520, unless someone has a better idea.

This is one friendy, informative usenet group: and I'm very grateful to have stumbled into it! Thanks everyone for theknowledge sharing !


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Old Oct 13, 2005, 3:37 PM   #33
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The swivel lens on the S4 might make it a little easier to aim the lens on a tripod. But most tripods tilt and that isn't a big factor IMO. Otherwise the S4 has none of the advantages JimC pointed out for the older model swivel Nikons. And I don't see where the swivel on the S4 would affect your lighting.

The A520 will focus close enough to fill an area about 2 X 1.5 inches. The S4 might focus a little closer, but I doubt that would be a factor for your purposes. Getting the lens too close to the subject exacerbates the lighting problems. Very few cameras use the flash effectively at very close distances and you need a little distance to get some lighting with a vertical component.

The 10X zoom on the S4 might make it a more versatile everyday camera. It has a low resolution LCD for the size and there might be problems framing in bright sunlight without an optical finder. The f3.5 lens wouldn't be as good for available light photography.

For the limited purposes of Ebay shots I think the A520 is probably the better camera. Where the S4 is a pure point and shoot the A520 has manual exposure controls. For the price I don't think you could do better.

With either camera you should consider a charger and some NiMH batteries if you intend anything but occasional use for Ebay shots. I think Wal-Mart has a charger and 4 NiMH batteries for under $20. Alkalines get pricey and don't take as many pictures as a fully charged set of NiMH batteries.

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Old Nov 4, 2005, 1:00 PM   #34
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For those of you who have had the patience to tolerate my (seeming) lack of ability of make a decision, I still haven't bought anything, but need to badly before the shopping season starts big time on ebay. :sad:

I was about 1) Credit card draw away from buying the Nikon S4, until I started reading some of the user opinions on my main shopping site:


Granted, several of them make little sense: at all. However, they got me gunshy.

Kindly take a peek at this current auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/Bushnell-Elite-4...QQcmdZViewItem

In my opinion: these are horrible pics, detail-wise.

I gotta have the tools to do much better than these.

At any rate: I am back to thinking the Canon SD520, which I can get for under $200: right where my budget started. The comparison on optical zoom is pushing me from that though.

If anyone cares to help me avoid that dreaded case of buyers remorse, I would really appreciate it.

At times I wish I lived in the USSR back in the 60's. We have a choice of Brown, or Brown.

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