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davidef Oct 11, 2005 8:33 PM


I have now been through four cameras trying to find a suitable replacement for my now dead Kodak DC260.

Ihave tried a Sony dscp43, a Canon A75, a Pentax Optio A6, and now, a Fuji S3500. The Sony and Pentax were horrible. Overall, the A75 was probably the most agreeable - a pity that its low light performance - very important to me - is so poor. The fuji seems better in this respect, even though reviews suggest it is terrible in low light. True enough, it has issues with focusing in low light, but at least the resulting pictures are light enough to be of use.

What about Kodak C330?

Any suggestions?

JimC Oct 11, 2005 9:02 PM

davidef wrote:

I have now been through four cameras trying to find a suitable replacement for my now dead Kodak DC260.
Any suggestions?
10 bids so far, 2 days and 16 hours left

Kodak DC260on Ebay.

Do your own research on the seller.

JimC Oct 11, 2005 9:09 PM

I was only half kidding.

Some of these older cameras were pretty good in that area (probably because the photosites for each pixel were larger, allowing them to gather more light).

When you try to stuff more megapixels into a small sensor, the photosites for each pixel need to be smaller (so that you can fit more of them in). As a result, the surface area is smaller, with fewer photons hitting each of the individual photosites. So, they generate a weaker signal requiring more amplification for equivalent ISO sensitivty.

So, in low light, getting a strong enough signal can be like trying to turn up the volume ona weak radio station -- but, instead of hum, static, and hiss, you get image noise.

We're doing two things with many newer sensors, more megapixels *and* physically smaller sensors with even smaller photosites.

The older sensors had their advantages compared to the newer models. Sure, we've made some advances in many areas. But, the megapixel race seems to be taking it's toll on some of the issues that are more important (IMHO).

The best non-DSLR models for low light right his minute seem to be from Fuji (for example their F10). But, despite their higher ISO speed ability, I'm not personally thatimpressed with the cameras in some other areas.

Any camera is going to be a compromise. But, to match what you got with exposure (ambient light in the image allowing for a brighter exposure overall) compared to your old Kodak1.3 Megapixel model, you'll probably need to use higher ISO speeds (set them higher manually since Auto ISO won't go as high) with most newer cameras, which can result in more image noise.

Then, use tools like Noiseware or Neat Image to reduce it's apperance later,

davidef Oct 11, 2005 10:59 PM

Thanks for your help... so you feel that short of another DC260 (as much as I love it... it was very slow to process pics and it was just getting long in the tooth generally.... but white balance was always spot on, colour beautiful, and very good in low light), I should look at Fuji? Thats another area in which the new cameras seem to suffer - white balance on an overcast day.

How does the 10 compare to the S3500 I have right now? Which is the better camera?


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