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while i am a canon shooter myself since the days of film.. and would wholeheartedly recommend a rebel XT/20d/5d to anyone..

i still have no problem with minolta.. i think their 5d and their 7d (w/ firmware upgrade) are very nice cameras.. and minolta has quite a good selection of lenses.. i thinks its only a matter of time before they jump into the pro arena with a 9d..

i think you are pretty well off systemwise if you go w/ canon,nikon,minolta..

sure, the oly have some pretty nice lenses, but the selection is limited.. and why the 2x crop factor and the small sensor.. the noise handling is just not up to speed with the tint 4/3 sensor.. i think they missed the boat w/ the small sensor.. its too bad as well, as i think their cameras are built well and offer alot of features..


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