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About the prices, Sandisk and Kingston are just the name. I got myself a 2GB SD, 133x (really fast one) for 130 USD, it's Samsung chipset, has the same or even more warranty than Sandisk / Kingston. If I check any other memories, only CF can offer similar prices. The 1GB card costs me around 60 USD standard, 65 USD the ultra. However, my provider sells MS and other memories quite more expensive than SD or CF.

And I agree about what you say about CF compatibility, but CF is an old standard, and it keeps itself alive because of microdrives. I just don't like companies coming around with new standards. Why does Sony work with MemoryStick? For the same reason they invented BetaMax and all propietary stuff they work with, so you buy a Sony camera, a Sony PDA, a Sony TV witn MemoryStick, a Sony Laptop (if you don't come to the idea of buying a card reader), and so on.

xD is the same, it's just so you have to buy more and more. I personally don't like having a lot of 512MB cards, I preffer to use 1GB or 2GB cards, so it's not a good idea if I had to buy one or two cards for every device I use.

And the other thing, I love showing the pictures I take to other people on my PDA, it's just a quite bigger and better screen than the camera's. Modern devices don't corrupt data anymore (haven't had any trouble in that aspect, even mixing up data from different devices, it's just a file system).

Finally, everyone has priorities and can have different ideas, I just don't like propietary standards where I have to stick to something. What if I buy a Sony camera and spend a lot of money buying myself 5GB of memory, and then, I want a Fuji Camera, so I have to sell my Sony camera with all the Memory Sticks, and spend once again a lot of money on xD cards. I have upgraded from Mustek to HP, then to Pentax and now to Canon, and I can still use the same memories I share with my PDA and which I use as a pendrive during the week or to store information for my PDA, and I just paid for one set of memory cards..

But well, once again, it's a matter of opinion and different applications.


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Fuji cameras are generally less expensive than other similar cameras, but perform as well or better. This makes upin large part for the fact that Xd Picture Cards are more expensive than CF or SD.Many Olympus cameras useXd cardsas well. MemoryStick is exclusive to Sony, and the most expensive of all formats, at least up here. Xd pricesare coming down, so the differences aren't as great as they used to be. They alsohave a projected maximum capacity of 8 G, which is prettyincredible for something that small.

I believe Xd-M cards are actually faster, but I've heard they're not necessarily compatible with all Xd cameras. I don't know that for sure, so don't take my word for it.

At the very least, you should get a Sky A1 or haze filter - you can leave one of these on your camera all the time as a lens protector. If you do a lot of shooting outdoors, a polarizing filter is indispensible; they cut reflections, increase contrast and deepen blue skies.A cheap linear polarizer works perfectly onmy Fuji S5200, since it has a contrast-detection auto-focus system, not phase-detection. I'm not sure if the same is true for the S9000.

Whatever camera you choose, enjoy it! Digital photography is amazing!
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