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Just got my sanyo xacti c5. Equally as good as the c4. Although considerably thinner, i'm not sure this is as much of an advantgae as i hoped. It is not as good a shape and alot harder to hold (keeps slipping out of my hand). Might just need to get used to it. Was going to wait for c6 but that has same shape. Only went for c5 because a cheap blue one came up on ebay. Might have to upgrade at christmas .
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An interesting threadsince I too am looking for a similar camera.

Whilst MPEG4 has been the main issue in these exchanges a few non-MPEG4 cameras have been discussed.

One make that hasn't been discussed is Fuji. The ones I have been investigating are the older Finepix S7000 and the new S9000. Whilst neither of these utilises MPEG4, they do achieve longer movies than most non-MPEG4 cameras, presumably by greater compression. The S9000 has a x10.7 zoom ranging from 28mm, so you get wide-angle at one end of the range. They also have the benefit of using AAA batteries, which are cheaper and have a higher capacity than most Li-ion batteries. It does not have image stabilasaton but it does have Real Photo Technology which allows for lower noise at high ISOs, apparently their answer to IS.

There do not seem to be many sample movies around however. There is one for the S7000 on this site and I found one for the S9000at the following review site


The review is also very good. I look forward to seeing Steve's soon.

One really needs a selection of sample movies,taken under different conditions, since some conditions disguise the poor effects of cameras and these are the ones the manufacturers tend to publish.


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