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Togishi Oct 30, 2005 2:37 PM

Hi I am new here to the forum and I need a little help. I was looking at the Fuji S5200 or the S9000. Do they both have the anti-blur mode? Is on better for every day pictures of family, pets and events? Then I like to yake some really nice detail macro shoots in different lighting... is one better for that?

I seem to be reading the S5200 is a little better for indoor low that correct? Also I would like to know what model has a fast start up and shoot time ( from personal use ). One problem I am having with my S5100 is the start up time has moved to being really slow. Also when I need flash right away I pop it up and the screen goes blank for a while then kicks in. I can not tell you how many pictures I have missed :sad:

Thank you all for you help.

MyOnly Oct 30, 2005 10:03 PM

Both are very fast in every respect. (shutter lag, start-up, shot to shot, etc.) We did sample pictures with them both in the store Saturday, and the picture quality of theS9000was noticablybetter than the S5200. I'm not saying the 5200 is bad, but it would be worth looking at other cameras as well if that is your highest price range. The Olympus sp500 is that price and may take better pictures. I don't know, as the store model of the oly was not working.

If you're willing to spend for the S9000, you might also consider jumping to dSLR. In the end I decided on the Nikon D50 rather than the Fuji S9000. The Nikon is only $100 more with the kit lens and is WAY more user-friendly. On the Fuji, the stuff you want to tweak (shutter, aperature, exposure value, amount of flash, fill vs. other times for firing the flash, blah blah) are all buried or you can't do it. On the Nikon it's all right there.I'm not saying theS9000 is a bad camera. When we took simple, autofocus shots in the store and developed them, the S9000 pics looked almost as good as the Nikon D50 pics.

If responsiveness is your major issue and you're already happy withyour Fuji S5100, then I think you're going to be happy with either the S5200 or the S9000. They are both very responsive and raise the bar for p&s cameras! BTW, the S9000 is as big as a dSLR. I didn't particularly like the feel of it though I do like the Nikon D50and the Canon Rebel XT. I like the size of the S5200 though.

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