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[email protected] wrote:
If a cam had a max ISO of 400 it would definitely not be on my list.
I shoot some indoor and late day stuff where I'm continutally using ISO800, ISO1600 or ISO3200. I'd say about 20 percent of my shots are taken at ISO's higher than 400. -- Terry
Terry, the Canons are great for that kind of shooting, and if I were a sports or stage shooter and needed lots of clean high-ISO shots, that's probably where I'd be, too. But the e-system cameras can be used at high ISOs depending on the look you're after (a bit of grain is not a sin :G) and the kind of processing and NR you use (Neatimage, Noise Ninja, or Noiseware, etc.). I do shoot some at high ISO, but not a great deal, and I'm currently experimenting with ways to get optimum results there; mostly, I've found it depends on proper exposure and white balance, although the postprocessing is also quite important (for example, Silkypix is great as a Raw converter for lower ISOs, but at 1600 it seems to leave more chroma articacts in than RawShooter Premium, or even the in-camera Jpeg conversions.) Anyway, here are a few high ISO shots with the E-300, just as an example of what can be done:

This was shot RAW at ISO 1600, developed with RSP and a run through Neatimage. Dark areas still have a big of grain, but completely usable, IMO.

These were both shot at 1600 in Olympus jpeg (SHQ), with a run through Neatimage. Again, some dark areas produce slight color artifacts when printed (e.g., in the bokeh area to the right of the cat's head), but it's not excessive for this kind of shot.

So yes, there is more noise than some other cameras, but for me it's manageable with a bit of planning. I'm a hobbiest and I normally don't shoot hundreds of shots a day, so I consider spending a bit of time in the digital darkroom part of the entire photographic story. We're all hoping that the next iterations of the E-1 and E-300/500 will have an even better handle on things.

Best wishes

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