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Basically I'm in the market for an ultracompact camera. I've narrowed down my choices to these two cameras, and I'm trying to decide. From what I've read, the image quality, performance, and LCD is superior on the Canon, while the Casio has longer battery life, takes better videos, weighs less, and is thinner. Portability is a very important issue to me, but basically I need to figure out if the slightly smaller size of the Casio is worth the reduction in image quality.

Thanks in advance for your input!

Also, is it worth getting the 450 over the 400 (if I go with Canon)? Are there any differences besides the larger LCD screen?
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I'm not a big fan of the transparent ceramic technology Casio is using on their S series lenses. This is what Jeff at DCRP said of the S500:
" If the Exilim EX-S500's photo quality was better I'd have no problem recommending it. However, it consistently disappointed me where other cameras do not. While it has a lot of potential, your money would be better spent on another camera." Steve didn't seem to take exception to the S500 image quality but I've read it has the same lens as the S100, which Steve thought had a poor lens.

The movies are great on the S500 and I really like the past movie mode. You just aim the camera and wait for something interesting to happen. When you start recording it records the previous 5 seconds from the buffer and continues recording until you stop it. That really cuts down on the editing. It will also record four times as much on the same sized card as the Canons due to the MPEG4.

Canon had a lot of problems with LCD cracking on the SD series and have evidently beefed it up some on the SD450. That alone would make it worth the extra for me, but if you have good near vision the SD 400 actually has more pixels in the smaller LCD. My near vision isn't great and I like a large LCD. And I would prefer to not have to be so careful of the LCD.

Image quality is a variable according to use. If you never make prints larger than 8 X 10 or view them larger than screen size you likely won't see much difference in image quality. If you crop a lot, make large prints or revel in viewing the images 100% where you have to scroll around the screen to see the whole image you will see a difference. Take a look at Steve's samples.

I much prefer having an optical viewfinder. Movies aren't a big deal to me, so I would probably go with the SD450 given those choices. But the S500 has some nice features and it is tiny.

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