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:bye:Greetings to anyone who is willing to take the time to lend an ear, or an eye or whatever.

I've got a Sony Mavica FD75 that was given to me years ago that is still in the sealed box it came in. :O (Don't know why I didn't open it & use it.) Anyway, since digital cameras have come down in price & gone up in megapixels, I'm thinking that maybe I should sell the "old" one & get another newer model camera.:idea: I guess I'm wanting to make sure that I don't buy a camera that doesn't offer at least as much quality as the Sony.

I'm open to any brand . . . not married to Sony.

I'm looking to spend under $300.

I'm a newbie to digital photography,so don't need anything fancy. I just (like everyone) want to get quality at a good price . . . in other words - value.

I'll be taking pics of stuff like my cats (I have no life) :?, my goddaughter, animals at the zoo, etc. Just the usual vacation type stuff. Well, I also may take photos for Ebay.

I'll have some that may be strictly for viewing on pc, but will also want to be able to print some.

I might print an 8x10 photo once in a blue moon, but will usually stick to the 4x6.

I'd like to have a bit of zoom just to get better shots at the zoo & such.

Being compact isn't important to me.

The most important thing to me is clarity & color (just like everyone else.)

I hopeI've included all the info needed and greatly appreciate any & all advice. This is a great site! (Yes, I've checked out Steve's Best Camera link, but if anyone wants to add their 2 cents to help me make a final decision - a feat in itself for me- that would be lovely.)

Happy Thanksgiving!!:homey:


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An FD-75 in a sealed box? You might just want to hold onto that as a collector's item...must be at least 4 years old - a real dinosaur in digicam chronology. The FD-75 was a nice camera, but its time has past...a lot of new computers don't even come with a 1.44 MB floppy drive anymore...and 0.3 MP resolution?

There are a lot of really good cameras out there now in your price range. Consider the Fuji S5100...4 MP, 10x zoom, excellent picture clarity and color, easy to use, and manual controls if you want to advance your photographic skills. You should be able to get one for under $300, now that the newer S5200 has been released.

Good luck with your search.

the Hun

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Thanks for the advice!

I've seen FD75's being sold on Ebay, so I was thinking of trying to get something for the brand new old camera that way. I should probably be shot for not ever using it in the first place.

I'll have to check out your suggestion.I appreciate the response. :bye:
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