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I have been looking at digital cameras constantly for SO LONG! I have used the film based Rebel series SLRs for9 years and loved them, but I am totally sold on the benefits of digital. Last year, I bought a Canon S1is and HATED the images I got! I only seem to get a well focused image half the time, and I just REALLY didn't like it.

I have gone and looked at the Digital Rebel XT and the Nikon d70, and love the XT in my hands, have seen many photos from it that I love. I have two lenses from my film based Rebel, but they are not outstanding lenses, so I could ebay them and switch if necessary. (A promaster 28-80mm and a Tamron 70-300) I have also looked at P&S cameras, from the new Kodak 850 or even the Kodak z7590 (I think- hard to keep the model numbers straight!), as well as the Canon G6.

I think I am vascillating because of a few things: price, size, and versatility. I have three small kids ( a baby, a toddler, and early elementary) so I shoot mostly kid pics in a WIDE variety of situations from portrait type shots to sports, indoors and outdoors. I also want to be able to take a great set of really close up black and white shots of my baby's parts- ears, eyes, nose, chin, etc. before he gets too big. Our budget is really tight, as in it would be possible to get the XT, but I would not be able to afford anything extra at all, except maybe the kit lens if it is better than the lens I own already. I also want something I can take around, I will take care of it but will need to schlep it around with a my kid gear!

What do I choose as my best all around one and only camera to take excellent photos of my children and other photos that will be GREAT prints? My #1 use for my photos is in my albums, I own a scrapbooking business and love to show off my great photos on my pages to my clients.

Is there something I can buy that will make me happy and be more budget-friendly, or do I just need to take the plunge and get the DRebel XT because I will not be happy with the results from anything else??

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If youregularly print 8X10 or bigger, you'd be better off with a DSLR like the Nikon D50, which is getting excellent reviews. If not, any good quality mid-level EVF camera like the Fuji S5200, Olympus SP500 UZ or the Konica Minolta Z6 will do an excellent job, although the Oly looses some points due to it's lack of high ISO or Image Stabilization.The Canon S2 IS is much improved from the S1, so it's worth a look too.

One camera that seems to be taking the reviewers by storm right nowis the Fuji S9000. It's more expensive, but it's still a lot less than a DSLR with an equivalent lens, and it's apparently an extremely good performer. Here are some links to reviews that may be helpful.






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For low light fast moving object (like sport inside in not so good lightning) photography DSLR is only working option, also they have fastest focusing.
But there's no way to match versatility of top end/real prosumer without buying multiple lenses, also DSLRs require separate lenses for good macros.
Also in good daylight non-SLRs work pretty equally for fast moving targets if you use right technique.
Then there's one thing DSLRs lack completely, videos, pretty much any non-SLR digicam takes videos whose quality is at least equal, mostly better than VHS.

So both sides are compromises and which one of these is better compromise depends on what you want most and what you're ready to give up. (and how much you're ready to spend for equipment)

You might want to read this thoroughly.

Considering those non-SLRs you mentioned you might miss better wide angle if you take any lanscape/nature photos.

Here's other threads with similar choosing problem.
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When you think about it, it's not that difficult a choice. If you can afford it, buy the best DSLR in your price range. If you can't, then just buy the best camera you can afford.Ididn't have the money for my dream camera - an Olympus E500orFuji S3 Pro, soI bought the best camera I could afford - the Fuji S5200. No sweat.
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I was in the same situation, sort of. I ended up with the Fuji S5200 (I hope it arrives this week), but only because of it's size. I was leaning towards the Digital Rebel or Nikon D50 until I saw what it takes to carry it around. Even a Hip pack for the body and one lens was large. BUT if I already had lenses, I would have gone for the body and tuffed it out with the cases. The dSLRs are just better, picture quality wise from my research. But the Fuji was a good compramise for me at least.
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With photography, the quality remains well after the price is forgotten.

I sweated like crazy before buying a Canon 20D. At that point the camera body was $1400 with no lense.

These days, I couldn't imagine owning anything but a Canon 20d (or a far more expensive camera).

I'm looking at a new "pocketable" camera and of course my eye is on a Canon Powershot S80, an almost $500 little 8 meg pocketable with a sweet 28-100 lens.

It's going to hurt to lay out the $500 for the S80 but I know I won't regret it later.

So, expect the purchase to "hurt" a little, then you'll know your spending the right money.

If a DSLR "hurts" a little, then you'll appreciate the quality long after the extra $100-200 price tag over a prosumer is well forgotten.

I hope this assuages your confusion.

-- Terry

PS: The Rebel XT is an awesome camera. Take the plunge!

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I moved from the Nikon 5700 to the Canon 20D. The Nikon 5700 was an excellent camera but can no compare to the 20D. The Rebel XT is a great entry level dslr that will provide you with excellent opportunties to take great photos. Do not be quick to sell your lenses until you have tried them on your Rebel XT. Your future purchases of lens can easily exceed the cost of the Rebel XT.
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