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I want to get a new camera that dosen't blur nearly all indoor action shots. I have a Sony W-1 now which I generally like but most of the time when I try and take action shots of my kids indoors the picture just ends up being a blurry mess. I would prefer to have a smaller camera, more of a point and shoot type with some manual controls, but I'm not sure if that is really possible. I'd like to spend less then $500, but I am willing to spend more if necessary. Than you so much for any input.
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Well, to get sharp shots indoors, you probably want either something with image stabilization, something with a fast lens, or something that does ok at high ISOs:


The small cameras with image stabilization are the Panasonic FZ7, FX8, and FX9, and the Minolta X1. If you want to go a little bigger (but you get a lot more zoom), the Panasonic LZ1 and LZ2 also have IS. No manual controls in any of these, though.

Wide-aperture cameras are usually not very small or very cheap. I'm thinking of, say, the Canon G6, Sony F717, Olympus C5050, and so on. Well, the G6 might fit your requirements, actually.

The Canon A520/A610/A620 and the Fuji E510/E550 have manual controls, but no IS and no-better-than-average high-ISO performance or lens aperture.

The Fuji F10 and Z1 do have good high-ISO performance, allowing for faster shutter speeds, but they don't have manual controls.

Unfortunately, I think the only cameras with all those features are fairly large, but the ones I mention should give you some ideas to choose from.
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