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All of these ultra zooms have more noise than their compact counterparts due to smaller sensors. Superzooms are usually about 1/2.5" vs compacts which are 1/1.6~1/1.8, of course refering to similar priced to super zooms. For $300 your unlikely to find a 10x+ lens with a larger sensor. Hence why cameras such as the Fuji F10 have significantly less noise than the S5200. However, the S5200, like most modern Fujis, have much more control over noise than their counterparts. Very few non-Fuji cameras less than $400 are capable of producing a low noise picture at ISO400 or higher, and this is esspecially true of superzooms in this price range.

The S9000 has essentially the same problem but on a larger scale. 9MP are on the same sized sensor as the 6MP sensors of the compacts, so even it has more noise than say the F10. Of course, neither the S5200 or S9000 can compare to dSLRs when it comes to noise, unless they are the cheapest dSLRs. (My F10 has less noise than the Olympus E-300 at ISO400 and above)

I think the 5200 is a great superzoom that can do ISO1600, 10x, 5MP, and RAW for only about $300. That is quite a bargain. While you can consider ISO1600 too much noise to use, when it comes down to getting a shot or not, sometimes you have to. If you can easily afford and justify a dSLR and a 10x lens, then you have no reason to get the S5200. Otherwise it's a great choice for those who need the zoom.
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I have been looking at this camera very closely and will probably get it. Finally!!!a review came out last week at cnet. It got a very good review. It's not perfect (big thing, as you no doubt know, is no I.S. on this baby), but the price is very good on it. I am also looking at the Canon S2 IS but don't think I can spend the extra $100 (thank you Hurricane Katrina).http://reviews.cnet.com/Fujifilm_Fin...l?tag=topprods
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