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guillermovilas Dec 23, 2005 12:55 AM

I`m having difficulty choosing between these 2 cameras.

I give a lot of importance to :

- Image quality (able to deliver sharp images upto A4 size prints)

- Good movie mode

- AA batteries

They both have different ways of handling the "handheld shaking problems" ,but which is the most effective ?

The Sony would cost me only 50 euro more,are they well spent ?

If anyone could help , maybe show me some pics taken with both cameras ?

tennisforums Dec 23, 2005 2:00 AM

The Fuji does not have an image stabilizer as such. The anti-blur mode, in effect, cranks up the ISO and shutter speeds to prevent blurring. The result can be noisy or grainy images,but the Fuji has on board noise-reduction to handle this issue.

The Sony uses conventional anti-shake, so that works well to prevent undesired blurring.

The Fuji definitely has the Sony's number on ISO settings. It ranges from 64-1600, whereas the Sony bails out at 400, indicating noise is more controlled on the Fuji S5200. It also gives greater flexibility for low-light/low contrastphotos.

I don't know about this particular model, but generally speaking, Sony's have the best movie modes. They uses MPEG4 compression to prevent noise from creeping into your movies.

Optical zoom- Fuji Finepix S5200 has a 10X optical zoom lense, while the Sony DSC-H1 offers a 12X zoom. You might not think that would make a huge difference, but if you plan to use the camera at full telephoto quite often, the Sony would be a wiser investment. However, the Sony does haveits purple-fringingissues.

With the 5.0MP sensors, beautiful A4 sized prints are expected from both cameras.

Both cameras take standard AA alkalines or preferably nimhs.

So I would say, it all depends on what photos you will be taking. Ask yourself. If you need to take indoor low-light photos, then the Fuji should be your selection. It will also take wonderful outdoor shots. If you are happy taking well lit outdoor photos, and need the extra focal length and image stabilization, then it might pay to pick the Sony.

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