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I am debating getting the C360 for $171.53US ($199.99CND).It is one of Steve's top choices for the 5mp P&S Cameras. The problem is I have reada review from both amazon.com and dpreview.comand it'smaking me hesitate. If I had the money I would go with the Canon Powershot A610 but there are no sales on that camera and I can't find, and don't think I will find it for anywhere near as cheap as the C360 boxing day special at futureshop.ca. I would rather get the Canon but I don't have $350-400CND to burn. I have around $200-250 and that's it. In the end I'drather have no camera than spend that $250 on something I won't be happy with.

The negative review in question seems to be from one guy in peticular who has copied and pasted near identical reviews on the C360for both dpreview.com and amazon.com. There is only one reveiw for the C360 at dpreview and that's his, at amazon there are 7 and 2 aren't good but the rest give 5 stars or close to it. I wouldn't think Steve's digicam site would post the C360 as a top camera if it wasn't areally great camera all aroundbut I don't know what to think now. Maybe it does take horrible still shots. I don't know what leads steve's digicams site to it's conclusions or what kind of tests the equipment is put through. How do I know if this negative review I am reading is credible or not? For the price this kodak is going for it seems to be the right choice for me at this time but I am worried I will get a lemon. I'm not a wealthy man so if I am stuck with a lemon I will be stuck for a considerable amount of time.

I am posting the review in questionfor your consideration, please give me your opinions.


I have used over 15 digital cameras. this is one of the worst ones.
The Kodak lens focuses down to 24 inches when in the normal settings. The Canon
focuses down to 8 inches. The Kodak is easily set to close-up setting but I found a
problem when using flash. The flash would not go off. See the shots for examples.
I took many shots with different subjects and ambient lighting but the shots were
all failures. I kept the camera's default settings. The A300 had no problem with
these shots. I was never able to get a good close-up exposure.
Indoor skin colors appeared dark. The sample photo was taken under a florescent
light. The color was similar to one taken under tungsten.
Exterior shots were usually good. however many shots had unrealistic color.
The C360's body is excellently designed. The controls are well placed. The optical
viewfinder is big enough to be useful.

The C360 is fast in shot to shot times even with flash.
The camera is not recognized as a mass storage device on my Mac. It was necessary
to install the Kodak software that is too limiting for me. It does work but
the camera could not be connected to another computer , like on a trip, without
loading the software onto each computer.
The photos in this gallery are straight out of the camera and taken at default

The new Kodak C360 is compared here to a 2 year old Canon A300. The Canon has
served me well. It is kind of like a Timex. It just keeps on taking good pictures. It
seldom takes a poor shot. It's flash is weak and slow. The movie mode, 640x480 at
15 fps, is still better than most new cameras but I would like more frames. The
C360 movie clips do look smoother than the Canons. The microphone position
seems to pick up less wind noise. Exposure changes when panning across dark and
light areas. The Canon keeps the first exposure setting until the end of the clip. The
Canon is limited to 30 seconds while the Kodak can go until the memory card is
full. The Kodak uses mpeg-4 so the files are much smaller than the Canon's motion
jpeg. The Kodak's speaker is very weak. I like the audible feedback provided by the A300. The C360 can only be heard when things are very quiet even with the sound level set to high.

Too bad it has serious problems with still shots.

Bob Thompson Photos

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Try the KODAK forum. I'm sure they will be more then happy to help you......


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