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Old Feb 2, 2006, 2:40 AM   #1
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Hi!, i´ve been searching since a couple of weeks for a digital camera and i finally focused on these two (Canon A610 and Sony W5) Im looking for a relatively low priced camera, with good movie capabilities (this is important since i don´t own a video cam and im planing to buy a 1Gb memory and record a lot of video), good image quality even in low light, relatively compact, with some manual control (not fully automatic), and good built quality. I first was impressed by the W5, i read good reviews of itand althoughdoesn´t offer all features theA610does, it looks solid,it has asuperior built quality, good movie capabilities, it comes with rechargable batteries and charger and it is cheaper, but then i started to compare some sample pictures of both i foundinthe weband i was a bit disappointed by the W5, thepictures of the W5 look soft and remarkably less detailed thanthose of the A610, i pretty liked more the A610 samples, I now tend to buy the A610 but one thing concerns me, i read Canon´s cameras have problems with their lenses, there is an error (E 18 which i read can paralyzethe movement of thelenses when zooming and when the lenses try to retract they getstuck and the camera can´t be used anymore, is this true? I could live with the fact that the camera can´t optical zoom anymore after some years of usebut if i had to throw away a completely unusablecamera by then that would concern me, anyone knows about Canon´s built quality problems? should i buy the Sony W5 or is there other camera in this class to consider? Thank you!
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Buy the a610. I have one and it is unbeatable !

Also, I have had about 25 canon digital cameras over the past 3 years. Half of them I bought used on e-bay, and I have never had an e-18 error.

Canon is miles above the rest.

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I returned the W5 for the 610.. MUCH better buy for a cam. Though..If a big concern is movie.. The Canon S2 IS is a leader for this price range.. I ended up getting a good deal on my S2, matching it in price with the A10.. so just depends what you're willing to pay too.

If I remember correctly The biggest differences between the movie features in the S2 and 610 are: stereo sound with the S2, ability to zoom in video mode, and the ability to take movies and photos simutanously. The S2 also has an incredible 10x optical zoom, and IS (image stabilization).. In my opinion the flash on the S2 does a bit better job. That's my experience.
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610 is clear winner here.
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