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My question is about DSLR camera and lens selection.
This upcoming summer I'm planning to do landscape photos and then put a limited edition photo book together out of it. Currently I use a Canon SLR but are going to switch to a DSLR for this.I have a Canon 70-200mm f4 and a 50mm f1.4set aside and now needto purchaseCanon DSLR and a wide angle zoom lens.
I was thinking of getting the 5D and a 17-40mm lens but after reading some reviews online see the 20D and a Canon 10-22mm lens as a less expensive alternative.

If someone has experience with both I would like to know how do images produced with the Canon 10-22mm compare to those shot with a 17-40mm on a Full Frame.
Is the extra money worth getting the 5D or will the 20D with the 10-22mm produce
album quality images for publishing. I'm still not sure about the print sizes but they should not exceed 12by18 inches.

Also if there are other lens selections to consider would like to hear about them.


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I haven't myself used DSLRs but there's one thing you might want to take into account if you haven't noticed it.

Major difference between 5D and 20D is that 5D has full frame sensor meaning focal lengths apply directly.

20D's smaller sensor crops image effectively making focal length 1.6x what reads on lens. (20-22mm becomes 16-35mm)
So those lenses you already have would become 112-320mm and 80mm.

In other things there's others who are better able to help you.
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It depends a lot on how you will be printing your images.

For selling large (A3 or bigger) fine-art prints I would suggest that the resolution of the 20D is marginal.

An 8x12 print from the 20D will give you 292dpi.
An 8x12 print from the 5D give you 364dpi.
an 8x12 print from the 1DsMkII you 416dpi.

An 12x18 print from the 20D will give you 195dpi resolution.
An 12x18 print from the 5D will give you 240dpi resolution.
An 12x18 print from the 1DsMkII will give you 277dpi resolution.

For fine art prints many people regard 240dpi as the minimum acceptable requirement. But 200dpi will be adequate for many conditions, depending upon viewing distance, etc.

So clearly for anything up to 8x12 you will find no resolution advantage to any camera better than the 20D except for cropping purposes.

Of course it is possible to up-rez a file from a 20D to 240dpi, but it will depend a great deal upon the individual picture as to whether you regard the results as acceptable, low ISO images with comparatively little detail up-rez very well in general.

So in summary I would guess that the 20D will probably be "good enough" for you most of the time, perhaps 90%? The question for you is, is that extra 10% worth the extra money?

Also keep in mind that Canon's wide angle lenses are not particularly highly regarded on the FF digital cameras. The general feeling is that the sensor is out-resolving the lenses in the corners. Many fine-art photographers are using Zeiss primes in preference to the Canon offerings. Those Zeiss lenses are very expensive.

So to gain that extra 10% you might need to spend 3 times as much.

As another point of comparison, most commenators now regard the overall image quality of prints from the 20D to be equivalent or better than 35mm film (though the best films may still have a slight edge i.t.o. pure resolution), and the image quality of the 5D/1DsMkII to be rivalling prints obtainable from medium format film.



I don't think it matters whether one is better than the other or not, but comparisons like this should give you a feel for where you will be going depending on the camera you choose. After all you have a great deal of 35mm film experience.
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The maximum printing sizes might be the deciding factor.

How much of an issue is the soft focus around the edges with wide angle lenses on Canon FUll frame DSLRS.

Have you worked with the 10-22mm lens. How sharp are the images?

Also if I were to go with the 20D and 10-22mm the
70-200mm becomesa much less usefull longer telephoto zoom and I would need a mid-range zoom. I love the image quality the 70-200mm producesbut don't want to be carrying around three lenses with me if I can get a medium telephoto.
I heard about the new 24-105mm and it might be a good alternative.
How would the results on thezoom end of that lens compare to the 70-200

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