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robbo wrote:
I think the S9000 can take decent pictures of the insides of cathedrals without IS.
Well... let's make some calculations, ISO1600 of it starts to be quite blurry (no full size pics) so I would look ISO800 as usable value. (also RAW is quite useless... no buffer)

ISO200 of KM A2/A200 would be good with slight noise removing. Add three stop advantage given by AS and you have quite clean "ISO1600". RAW with good conversion and noise processing would propably give almost clean ISO400 and for that Fuji won't have anything comparable. Also ISO800 would give acceptable smaller size images with good processing.
(noise processing is area in which Fuji excels, RAWs without noise removing are really noisy for such claimed clean high ISO sensor)

I admit if that Fuji would have IS and RAW would be buffered (+lens wouldn't loose so much aperture on tele) it could be real "DSLR killer" for most people.

Here's some examples from inside church without any artificial lightning:
In last one AS gave nearly 4.5 stop advantage, meaning effectively over ISO10000... I don't think any sensor would give such results. (except cryogenic/peltier cooled special sensors)

The Konica-Minolta A2 has an Anti-Shake system which reduces camera shake. It turns out that the anti-shake system works exceptionally well. So well that in cases where ISO 1600 does not allow a sufficiently fast shutter speed for hand-held photography with the 20D, the A2 managed to produce quite sharp and noise-free pictures using only ISO 200.
http://www.neocamera.com/feature_dslr4.html (Comparison to Canon's DSLR)

So for stationary targets beating A2 or A200 would be very hard.

Wibblemore wrote:
It was a nightmare trying to find anything that met those requirements! I can't understand it either - the superzooms *never* seem to start with a decent wide angle.
That's mainly because zoom starting from good wide angle and having anything more than short standard tele is hard to do without serious distortions and other optical errors plus big size.
And then being good in all those is entirely other thing.

They've made good use of their investment in the body and (excellent) optics developed for the DiMAGE 7, turning them into a complete line of cameras, including the 7, 7i, 7Hi, A1, and now the A2. The lens amazed me when it first came out, as nothing then on the market could touch it for corner to corner sharpness and low chromatic aberration. Now, some three years later, the competition has caught up somewhat, as several other 8-megapixel digicams now have excellent glass. That said, the lens on the A2 is still notable for how well it holds sharpness into the corners of the frame, across its full zoom range.

Now that Fuji is about only other aproximately comparable camera, but apparently its lens isn't even nearly as good, test of that site states high to moderate chromatic aberrations, and "better than average" corner sharpness...
Although longer zoom range increases those always much better results could be achieved, Leica (behind Panasonic's lenses) and Schneider Kreuznach (Samsung 815, 15x 28-420mm) have shown that 12x and over lenses are still possible with low chromatic aberrations and good corner sharpness.

audioedge wrote:
personally wouldnt buy a camera from a company that just announced its getting out of the business
Servicing is transferred to Sony in next few months. (so actually that means better availability of service internationally)

Neither would I trust people who tout zoom numbers foremost.
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It is just a thought, but you might want to take a look at the Kodak P-880. There is a super sale going on this month at Costco. It has received good reviews and with 8mp it is a lot of camera for $400 (and a free Kodak 256mb SD chip is also included)from an ongoing, reputable company. It has a 24mm wide angle.

Add to that the fact that Costco has one of the most liberal return policies and it just might be worth a look. Here is a sample photo.

Attached Images
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mtclimber wrote:
It is just a thought, but you might want to take a look at the Kodak P-880. There is a super sale going on this month at Costco. It has received good reviews and with 8mp it is a lot of camera for $400...
And grave deficiency, no image stabilization.
And about it's high ISO... ISO 800 - 1600 (only available in 0.8MP picture quality)
That's something their BS department surely doesn't want to advertise.
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