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Looking to get a new compact camera and have about £150 to spend.

I have seen lots of good reviews for the Fuji F10 but the casio Ex-120 is recommended.

Been looking on google and there are a few concerns about the picture quality when printing the casio's pictures (On c-net).
So which is the best camera to go for?
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The Z120 has the same lens and sensor as the Z750, and I see no problems with prints from that. Steve put the Z120 on his best cameras list, so I'm reasonably sure there isn't a glitch somewhere in the translation between the two at Casio.

If you want a pure point and shoot you would probably be happier with the F10. You can crank the ISO up and still get acceptable photos. That gives you a lot of versatility in less than perfect light. It has no optical viewfinder and the LCD isn't very good in bright sunlight. I'm guessing your secret location is in the UK, and that might not often be a problem there.

If you want manual controls and an optical viewfinder the Z120 might be a good choice.

They both take good pictures with above average resolution.

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From looking at the posts that did not like the Casio I thought they might be snobs. The SD card format is cheaper as well.

I was just worried about the quality of the prints. I think I might get the Ex-120 as I have a Olympus 3030Z at the moment and like messing with the settings.
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Old Mar 9, 2006, 9:57 AM   #4
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If there is sufficient light, the Casio makes the better pictures. Unlike the Fuji the Z120 has an excellent movie mode. As already mentioned, the Fuji has no OVF. Pressing your head against the camera, while you look through the OVF, gives additional stability to the camera. Thus you have less shake and therfore less blurring with the Casio if you use the OVF. With the Casio you can turn off the LCD and use only the OVF, which will increase the battery life time substantially. With the Fuji you can't do that. The Z120 is considerably cheaper from the beginning and the follow up costs are lower again, because you can buy the cheap generic SD cards instead of expensive, proprietary XD cards.

The Casio Z120 is simply the best value in the entry camera segment.
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I now own both the Z-120 and the Fuji F-10. The Z-120 is the better camera overall. The F-10 only moves ahead when you do a lot of low light level shooting.

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