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algold wrote:
artiemagee wrote:
i just didn't want to buy a digicam and regret not going that extra bit and getting an dslr... artie magee
This reason alone is enough to go the DSLR route, IMO.

I have no personal experience with E500. It seems to be a nice budget DSLR, although a bit slow to start up, higher noise level than it's competition and Oly's lenses are good but tend to be quite expensive. I have no idea what your budget is, but with the prices I've seen on the http://www.firstcall-photographic.co.ukI would have bought Nikon D50 with a kit lens, which would be about £50 more than Fuji 9500, and start building a system from there. I don't know what the price of E500 is. Over here the price of E500 with a kit lens is almost x2 of Fuji's.

To be completely honest, I've sold my Nikon SLR film body and 3 zoom lenses that ranged from 24mm to 210mm and that I used only twice for the last year, and bought 9500. - Call me stupid, but it was just too heavy for me to lug it around:lol:
Oooooh, I wish Iknew you then! I would have been interested in your lenses.

I made my decision and picked up the Nikon D50 kit with 18-55 lens yesterday, charged the battery up, read as far into the manual as it takes to know how to take some photos in complete auto mode, and tried it out. The joy of having an SLR in my hands (its been over 30 years!) suddenly came back to me! I thinkI will be happy with this camera and my decision for the DSLR. The camera feels right in my hands, and the TTL viewing is for me of great importance.

But aside from the TTL issue, the first quote above sums up another reason for my decision: despite the economics and having to wait some time before being able to acquire more lenses, I was certain I would have regretted not going that extra little distance for the SLR.

Steve, Denmark

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Congratulations, Steve. Enjoy your new toy and shoot a lot of wonderful pictures! I am really happy for you.

mtclimber wrote:

...I too, convinced/hyptoized myself that the S-9000 would be a very viable, all in one alternative, to going dSLR.
Get a dslr and enjoy much higher quality images!

I think this was your mistake with all the hype of S9500 being on the par with DSLR. Just to be clear on the subject - S9000/9500 IS NOT (and never was) a DSLR camera. It is capable of very good results when you know it's limitations and workarounds, but still this is just an advanced prosumer digicam. I think it was not really fair to test it against Canon DSLR with a 50 mm F1.4 prime lens, but even then Fuji held it's own quite well. And I repeat, I am happy with this Fuji camera.

As for your last sentence - I will get a DSLR in about 2 years time. In the digital world 2 years is a very very long time. I know exactly what I want, I just can't afford it right now - as simple as that. And yes, I thought long and hard about getting a D50 body. At the end I sold my Nikon with 24-70, 28-85 and 70-210 lenses, because they were too bulky and too long for a digital body. I just knew that I would want to buy new and better Nikkor lenses and that each one of thelenses I wanted would cost me much more than a D50 body. So I just put it on hold and got Fuji. Photography for me is a hobby and I have two kids to think about.:-)

Best wishes,

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I was not attempting to convince anyone at all. Rather, I was explaining, in some detail, the process that I had gone through. Each of us has to make our own camera decisions, based on some factors that might not even be apparent in the forum.So our decisions are very individualized and I, for one, certainly have great respect for the decisions that people make. In short, it is their own personal business.

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The primary advantage of a super-zoom IMHA is size and weight. There was a picture on the Pany forum of someone with dslr (full size sensor I think) and all the associated lens that were needed to be the equivalent of a FZ-10/20 lens. Some of the lens were taller than he was. If you can determine in advance what lens you will need I'm sure that you can avoid this problem.

On the other hand, low noise at high ISO is better with the larger sensor's in dslr's. I'd recommend trying to find samples of the kind of pictures you want to take on this and other review sites http://www.imaging-resource.com/ http://www.dcresource.com/ http://www.dpreview.com/ download them and print them and then deside. But also try out the handling. I have an FZ-20 and tried out a friends Minolta Z-5. Took major menu diving to set up for a timer shot (e.g., run around and get in the picture).

Just my $0.02 worth.


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wmussatto wrote:
But also try out the handling. I have an FZ-20 and tried out a friends Minolta Z-5. Took major menu diving to set up for a timer shot (e.g., run around and get in the picture).

Just my $0.02 worth.


Edits to correct links.

Which one took major menu diving?
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Appreciate all your replies and info,

How much of a difference would there be in picture quality between 6 and 8 mp, if I was doing a little cropping.I usually view on TV / PCor only print 6 x 4, occasionally A4 and rarely something bigger which i get done in local photo shop. The reason I ask this question is that I am prob. going to wait and see the review of the new canon S3is, prob not much different from S2 but it has 6 mp and its black.


artie magee
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