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I've seen these two cameras compared a lot on these forums. I justbought the A610 for a good all-purpose camera, but Im finding with the 4 AAs its a bit heavy and bulky. Its a great performer but its not fitting into any pockets. I do a fair amount of traveling and wonder if maybe something like the z120 or 750 would be better. Has anyone made this decision themselves?
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The Canon A-610 is a great camera, but it is NOT exactly what you would call "pocket-able". In fact, in won't even go into a lot of women's purses, if her purse is small. On the other hand the Casio Z-120 (average price about $230) and it's twin brother, the Z-750 (average price about $325)are indeed a bit smaller, and flatter, so that they are "pocket-able."

Here are the actual sizes in inches W x Hx Thickness:

Canon A-610: 4.1x 2.6 x 1.9

Casio Z-120: 3.5 x 2.4 x 1.1

Casio Z-750: 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.9

You will notice the biggest difference is in the thickness of the cameras. That is the factor that makes the Casio's more "pocket-able." Well, so much for physical dimensions. The next question is how do they perform? The two Casio's use the very same, Sony manufactured imager, as you find on the Canon A-620. The Z-120 and the Z-750are both 7.2mpin resolution versus only 5mp found on the Canon A-610.

The two Casio cameras have received excellent reviewson both the professional reviews and on user comments. Their images are very sharp and well exposed. They meet, and, in some reviewer's opinions, exceed the Canon A-620 in image quality. Like the Canon A-610, they offer a full set of automatic and manual controls.And both Casio cameras have optical viewfinders, a feature missing on a lot of small "pocket-able" cameras currently on the market.I have also attached a Casio Z-120 image taken through a window.

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