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Babyfixer Apr 9, 2006 2:41 PM

I had decided on the Canon 20D...but before I make the investment into my FIRST DSLR system, I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. Here is what I had decided on so far...

Canon EOS 20D with 17-85mm Lens
Canon EF 50/1.8 II Lens
Canon EF 70-200/4L USM Lens
Canon BGE2 Battery Grip

Whatare the differences between the two cameras.Do they use the exact same lenses? Is it worth the extra $$ for the 30D? I dont knowhow much camera I really need...the 20D is more than adequate since I will mostly use it to capture vacation photos and family events. But $2500 is a major investment for a simple shutterbug like myself...sowhatever camera I choosewill be my camera for the next 10 years. I dont want to regret not getting the best choice possible.

I realize we're only talking a few hundred dollars difference...however, I certainly DONT want to spendan additional $300 for extra features I'm never going to use. Especially since I could use that extracash for additional equipment!! Actually, it will cost MORE than $300 since I have not found a 30D package with the discounted 17-85 lens.


JohnG Apr 10, 2006 6:34 AM

For your stated needs, the 20d will be much more than adequate. You wouldn't realize the added benefits of the 30d (spot meterining, 1/3 increment ISO are probably the two most important).

I'd also like to mention one other thing: Have you handled the 20D with battery grip? It does add a bit of size and weight (I have both). I use it extensively for shooting sports because I constantly switch between portrait and landscape orientation. But, I tend to have it off for the rest of the time because of it's weight (and it doesn't fit well in my smaller camera bag). I just mention it, because it is an expensive accessory. Also note: some people like the added size / weight - it's a personal thing. I only mention it because you say you're new to DSLR so want to be sure it's something you really want/need and not just something someone told you is necessary.

peripatetic Apr 10, 2006 8:19 AM

Yes, the 20D is a very solid camera, and feels quite chunky even without the grip.

If you're worried about battery life, then by all means get a spare, but it only takes a couple of seconds to change, and you get a good few hundred shots on one charge. I'd be very surprised if you could get through a fully-charged battery in a single day given your needs. I use mine for similar stuff to you and have never got through a battery in a day.

Babyfixer Apr 11, 2006 5:58 PM

Camera weight is not a concern to me, nor is an additional $150 at this point...however, battery life is.Both mypoint & shoot AND my video camera havegone deadon me at theworst possible moments. I dont know if Inecessarily "need"the battery grip or not...but IDO know that if I dont get it now, I'll probably never get it...and it seems like a nice accessory to have "just in case". Especially since you can use regular AA batteries with it!!

Thanks for the advice on the 20D, I ordered my package as soon as I read your recommendations. I'm stoked...cant wait to get my new toys!!

eric s Apr 12, 2006 9:44 AM

Get the extra battery no matter what. I would delay on the battery grip (although that might be too late.) You can always get it later.

You should be able to get 400+ images (JGP) on a fully charged battery. That should last you a day. Then swap to the other battery that night (even if you don't get to charge the other one.)

The real advantage for the extra battery (to me) is that it lets you forget one at home by mistake and still have the other one. :)

Not that I've done that before or anything. Nope, not me. Never.... :doh:


JohnG Apr 12, 2006 9:51 AM


For batteries - I recommend a place called - their batteries are a fraction of the cost of the Canon batteries and have more life - I get well over 600 pics on a charge (assumingnot coldweather). I think you can buy two of their batteries for less cost than a single Canon. They came highly recommended to me and I've been using their batteries for 8 months without any problems - I even use the Canon charger with no issues. Just a thought.

Rambler358 Apr 12, 2006 10:07 PM

If choosing between the 20D and 30D, I think the 30D would be a no-brainer if the $150 body price difference isn't an issue. IMHO, the larger LCD is worth that alone.

peripatetic Apr 13, 2006 2:26 AM

The fact that the battery grip takes AA batteries is really a moot point I'm afraid.

Number of shots on one standard battery = ~400-600, number of shots on a fresh set of alkalines = ~20.

So I suppose if you really really really need just a few more shots and there's a shop nearby it could be helpful, otherwise buy an extra lithium and keep it in your bag, they hold their charge for months.

It literally takes 5 seconds to change the battery. Far faster than it used to take to change a roll of film. And of course there is a charge meter which tells you when it's running low. So you can change before it runs flat at a convenient moment and never lose a shot.

Of course if you like the handling of the grip that's another matter.

Babyfixer Apr 13, 2006 7:46 PM

Grip is already ordered and paid for...and I must admit, I do like the way it looks on the camera (kinda like a 1D...not exactly, butdefinitely resembles it from a distance). If you guys really think its important to have an extra NiMH battery then I'llpurchase an extra one as well.

Now the question important is an external flash?? I've seen the Canon Speedlight series...but theyvary in price dramatically. Which one, if any, do you recommendfor a simple photo-enthusiast?

Babyfixer Apr 13, 2006 10:14 PM

Rambler358 wrote:

If choosing between the 20D and 30D, I think the 30D would be a no-brainer if the $150 body price difference isn't an issue. IMHO, the larger LCD is worth that alone.

OK, I think you misreadthat post...I was referring to the $150 price tag for the BG-E2 Battery Grip, and the weight it would add to the camera.

Every (Canon-Authorized) dealer I've checked withwould have charged me$300 more for the 30D, and anywhere from $60-$100MORE topurchase the EF-S 17-85 lens seperately (as opposed to when packaged with the 20D).

I've never seen the two cameras side-by-side, so Ihave no idea how much bigger the LCD screen is on the 30D...but is it worth (best-case scenario) $360 more? I think I could get a decent external flashwith that additional money.

I guess its not too late to get the 30D...according to my salesman, my package wont ship until Tuesday. But I need to know NOW if the LCD is really worth it.

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