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The 30D is a slightly better camera than the 20D in many ways.

However the image quality between the 2 is essentially identical, it has the same sensor and same DigicII processor.

As to a bigger LCD, well what do you use it for? IMO it's only useful for 3 things:
1. Checking the histogram.
2. Accessing the menus.
3. Judging composition.

None of those require a bigger LCD. Apparently the new screen is not more power hungry than the old, otherwise I'd see it as a definite disadvantage.

IMO it's a marketing feature not one that I would pay for.

As for flash, I would go for the 430EX.
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The difference between new bodies is more like $250. And you aren't paying for the LCD alone.

30D has bigger buffer, 11 RAW vs 6 RAW in case of 20D. This is big for some one shooting action. Wish canon put buffer 20 RAW images. I would have paid $100 more for that alone. But if just starting, 20D is more than enough.

The external flash makes a big difference compared to the on-board flash.
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But if just starting, 20D is more than enough
This is very funny. When I first started in this world of Digital photography with my sony f505V 3.3 megapixals was plenty. Then I started printing at 8x10 and discovered I need more resolution so I Purchased the 5 megapixal F707. But then I relized I couldn't change lenses and wanted more zoom so I purchased my 6 megapixal Digital Rebeal. Now, I realize I hate not having a spot meter or three color histogram or the ability to shoot black and white with built in rgb filters so I will purchase a 30D until I get enough money to afford a 5D.......

As you can see it is never enough as your skills improve you will always want more. Just as the RebelXT is an upgrade over Digital Rebal, the 30D is an upgrade over 20D. For a long term investment why would you not get the most for your money?

Too me as someone who is inspiring to be a pro the upgrades from 20D to 30Dare not minor. Only the Canon's pro camera Film or Digital have pot meters and now they are giving it to you for less.


If you are going with a 20D or 30D you should get the 580EX. The 20D is so fast that if you don't have a flash with an external power pack it simply will not keeep up. You will start getting black images after about 3-4 consective shots. With High speed sync turned on and Canon external pack I was able to blow through 10 shots consecutive with flash firing atcorrect exposureevery shot.

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