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mtclimber Apr 21, 2006 8:47 AM

Well done, Ted-

You are off to a great start. Be patient and a good student of the D-50 instruction book and you will do very well indeed.


littlefrog22 May 12, 2006 4:38 PM

Well, for me (and this is only me) the most important factor is: Which camera gets the best pictures in terms of QUALITY and DETAILS. Looks like the Digital Rebel XT is doing much better
( ) where they compare the two cameras, read the conclusion paragraph at the bottom. Also in comparison, yes, it looks like the D50 has "slightly higher sensitivity" but not by mutch, they are pretty close, however they were not that close as far as the details are concerned. You will also discover on that site that the XT has better per-pixel sharpness than the D50.

My decision is taken, I am buying the Rebel XT (or EOS350D like they call it in some other countries, same camera)

The D50 has a better build (more solid), but my bottom line is, the XT takes better pictures (well, more detailed). I like the grip of the XT so it was not a hard decision for me. Good luck to you all with your decision.:roll:

mtclimber May 12, 2006 5:05 PM


I happen to own every one of the consumer DSLR cameras because I conduct DSLRWorkshops all over the world. I have been a professional for over 53 years and, yes I know and respect Phil Askey's website:

However, there is indeed a good deal of difference in how a DSLR camera performs day after day in real life usage than when doing bench mark tests such as Phil does. The XT IMHO has a very cramped grip and a below average viewfinder. All you have to do is to take the XT in hand and look through the viewfinder, then do the same thing with the Nikon D-50, and you will clearly see the difference.

Please take a look at the last photo posted in this thread of the seagull with the ruffled feathers. That photo was taken by me with a D-50 and the quality is quite evident. I had my own XT available and ready to use that day, but I grabbed my D-50 instead. It is the ease of usage on a daily basis that truly makes a camera great.


littlefrog22 May 12, 2006 11:28 PM

MT Climber: Thank you for the advice. It is awesome that we have the priviledge to have such experienced photographers as you on this site. I truly take into consideration your input. You are right, I tried both viewfinders and I think the Nikon's one is better. For the grip, well, I guess my hands like the XT just as much as the Nikon, although I don't have 53 years of holding SLRs. I can always buy the battery pack for the XT which would provide quite a better grip (and of course longer battery time). I know that for doing the kind of shooting you did above (VERY NICE, by the way, MT) I guess I will still go for the better resolution and better per-pixel sharpness because some of my shooting will include aerial photography (being a piot) so for details, the XT is better. However, I'll have to get a nice anti-shake lens. Also, the lens that comes with the XT (EF-S 18-55mm) is not very good and you can really see a difference with better lenses. The other thing that makes me lean towards Canon is that they have the really attractive (but still too expensive) full frame (35mm) CMOS sensor Canon 5D. Performance-wise (no, MT, I am not talking about how the camera "feels" i.e. grip, viewfinder...) Canon seems to be a little bit ahead of everyone across the Prosumer and Pro levels so when will come the time for me to upgrade (and keep my expensive lenses) I am confident that Canon will come-up with better viewfinders and handgrips, but still keeping their advance in technology. Also, the DIGIC 2 processing is impressive.

mtclimber May 13, 2006 5:51 AM


The bottomline is simply this: use the camera you like best, you will always get better shots, just because of how you feel. BTW, I am a retired Boeing 747Captain with 33 years of flying for one of the majors.


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