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I also just bought a refurbed D50 w/18-55mm from Beach Camera. I haven't received it yet, but I'll be sure to leave some comments and quality impressions when I do receive it.

I opted not to go with the "factory demo" models from Cameta. I've gone into stores and used those sales demo models: they get completely trashed. The refurb option seemed like a safer route, and I've had good experiences with refurbs in the past (though this is my first DSLR).
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Dear kezs and kuma,

I am thinking of refurb Nikon D50 body from Buydig also (buydig is belong to Beach Camera, I think). One of the reason is they do not have new for body only and the lens kit do not suit me, another is the camera is 399 only!

Please advice the quality of your camera. Are you happy with it?
Should I buy refurb or new one?

Thank you.
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I just had an interesting experience with a website that I consider questionable. I ordered a Panasonic FZ30 at what I considered a whopper of a deal ($385). I was suspicious of it being refurbished so I read their disclaimers, etc. which said that all their products were "new, factory fresh". Yet, the next day a man called trying to sell me memory for the camera and then "better batteries". When I kept declining, he said that the camera was refurbished. When I questioned him about the claims he made on his website, he said he could sell me a new one for $549. I said no, that I wanted a new camera for what he advertised at $385. Finally I said just to cancel the order. Once he realized that I was not 'easy', he said," FINE, I will cancel it" and hung up the phone. I was furious. This is textbook BAIT & SWITCH!! THe website was --wawadigital.com.. BEWARE!!
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Most of the scammers are located in Brooklyn (where they seem to be able to get away with their tactics).

Always use http://www.resellerratings.com to check out any vendor you consider. They do a bit better job compared to most ratings sites at keeping out false reviews.

Ifa vendor isnot listed (or they have a small number of customer reviews), avoid them, as vendors have been known to try and pad their own ratings.

Here are customer reviews forthe vendor you mentioned:


Location Photo:


Here is an article you may want to read by Bryan Biggers:

How to Buy a Digital Camera without being Robbed

Note that buydig.com (a.k.a., beachcamera.com) being discussed by others is a reputable vendor, and the reconditioned Nikon D50 they sell is a genuine factory reconditioned model with a Nikon USA 90 Day manufacturer's warranty. But, make sure to compare prices on accessories like memory cards (they have to make a profit somewhere). ;-)

CametaAuctions on Ebay also has a good reputation.

But, you can't be too careful buying gear. Nikon USA will refuse to service a gray market camera (one not intended for sale in the U.S.), even if you are willing to pay them for the service. Selling gray market gear (and using bait and switch tactics) is a common technique used by scammers.

If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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I got a D50 from Cameta Auction on Ebay. By all appearances it is in perfect condition. The only way I could tell that it was not new was from the box it came in. The box said Nikon Reconditioned Product. I went the Cameta route over Beach because I saved some money and besides the 90 day factory warranty, it came with a 1 year Cameta warranty.

Anybody considering ungrading from a point & shot to a DSLR should look into the refurbish option, especially if there are budget concerns, as it was in my case.
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