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hi. I'm looking to buy my second proper digital cam, the one i have at the moment doesn't count as its a Minolta dimage x31 its not very good, and a so a big waste of money. My First was a Kodak LS633 which i loved, quality and style was very good.

I'm looking mainly at the cannon power shot A610 and A520 but are there any other cameras that you might suggest.
i have seen the :
A610 for £180
A520 with a printer for £165
(local Jessops)
But what i really need is something with
3optical zoom
LCD screen and
optical view finder (macro shots)
Selectable auto focus area
(i like to focus on the little details nowhere near the middle alot)
AF assist lamp (lots of photos when i go out)
And must have manual features for manual focus and iso/shutter settings.

I can get shaky hands if im cold. so thats a pain somtimes.

*Would be nice* features include
EVF would be nice but im sure its not going to happen
widescreen option also nice but would make much use of it unless i went on walks.

I started with a budget of £150 but lets say £180 if I get a bonus from work this month for just the camera and case. i also have SD cards all over my room so it would be *nice* to not have to buy new, but im willing to. i dont mind paying for AA battries and chargers and things later but the camersa with rechargables would be good if you can suggest.

thanks for any help i know im asking for alot, but im really fussy
:whack: :bye: cheers

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Check out Steve' Best List:

I bought my niece the A520 last year ans she's happy with it. But Canon now has upgrades for those, at least in the US. There is now a A530 and A540 in the US, and the A520 is being discontinued.

Good Luck!

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ohhh. thats made it even worse now, ive just spent the past few hours looking around on the net when i should be revising for a exam and as you said in the best cams page, now the choice has gone up just because i decided which i was getting, and then when lokign at the price the choice increased cus theres lots of offers on at the mo.

a520 -£130
a530 but pr obably not £120ish
a540 - £160
a610 - £157
a620 - £190

a casio mod
fuji f10 (£150
kodak x740 (£160ish)

but itll probably be the canon still im going in to a shop 2moro to look and decide which of the 3 above....

but the fuji has upto 1800 iso and that so tempting at £150 from the net.

thanks for your help. ill come back in a day or so and let you know what happened.

it will be 2 weeks before i buy anyway.

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I have actually owned both cameras. I loved the 520 because it fit great in a pocket and my purse, not to mention took great pictures. After two weeks though my 6 yr. old dropped it and smashed it to smithereens. I was on line and found the 610 for the same price, so I said what the heck, I'll take the one with more MP. It also takes great pictures, but the bummer is that it is also larger. Not by too much, but enough to where it doesn't just slip in my purse or pocket as well. I do however like having more MP to play with when I blow up sport shots of my kids. I hopethis helps with your decision. Good Luck!:-)

Futbol Mom
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cheers guys, its been decided, its the canon Powershot A520 (with the free printer)

i went in to the shop and now i just have to wait until i get paid and my birthday (very soon) and ill buy it all. ooo im going away soon so ill make sure i make good use of it and show you all.

thanks for the help.

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