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njdag May 4, 2006 4:09 PM


i had a sales rep tell me that xd cards can be bought by speed . says there is a new card available much faster than 130 ???

how much does this really weigh on the performance ? xd vs sd ?

JimC May 6, 2006 2:01 PM

Just because you have a faster card, doesn't mean that your camera can take advantage of it.

Most non-DSLR models have bottlenecks in the processing pipeline, and will vary in their speed in writing to media.

So, you really need to take each camera on a case by case basis. Many cameras won't be able to take advantage of a faster card. Also, you'll rarely get anything close to a card's rated speed, even with a fast camera. Instead, you tend to get diminishing returns due to the limited speed of a camera.

Olympus recently released a new "Type H" Xd Picturecard that is supposed to be up to 3x faster compared to their older cards. But, you have to look at compability charts to see if a camera can take advantage of them or not.

As a general rule, Xd Picturecard is a relatively slow format type (compared to the faster Secure Digital or CompactFlash cards).

But, I haven't seen anything testing the newer type H cards yet to see if they may be anywhere near the speed of other card types. But, again, you have to take the camera into consideration, too. Just because you have a faster card doesn't mean that the camera can write to it faster.

You can find some speed tests here of various popular cards. But, don't assume that they'll be that fast in a camera:

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