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User reports on the 28-300mm are somewhat mixed. Even in Nikon user reviews you see some people liking it and others complaining about it.

rduve seems to like it on a 5D. See the photo posted from it in this thread:


If you have more than one lens not focusing correctly, you could have an out of calibration body, too. It's not that common with the 5D, but it happens. You may want to send it to Sony and let 'em check it out.

Sony Support for Konica Minolta Cameras, Lenses and Accessories

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Thanks for the answer JimC-

I do believe that you are correct in saying that the camera is indeed out of calibration, becuase the focusing problem occurs with both Minolta brand and Tamron lenses.

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Do you guys think Sony will continue to incorporate Image Stabilization into their camera bodies? I ask because I have used the Nikon D50 for the last couple days and shots around 1/20 and slower were blurry -- something that I never experienced too much of on my Panasonic FZ15 (with Mode 2 IS enabled).

Oh, and now that I've used a dSLR for the first time ever...I'm hooked. The image quality is far superior to that of a prosumer camera (even my beloved Panny). And I LOVE the Depth of Field that's hard to get with a non-SLR.
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Well, Sony has not yet announced the specs for any new DSLR models.

But, in my mind, I don't see why they would not offer anti-shake, unless they have a better way to do it. That's probably part of why they wanted to partner with Minolta to begin with to work on DSLR models using the Maxxum lens mount, and one of the reasons why they wanted to acquire some of Minolta's assets to give them more leverage to grab market share.

Of course, I have no crystal ball. So, we'll need to wait and see what happens.

Sony wants to take marketshare away from Canon and Nikon. So, if I were Sony, I'd use every advantage I had to meet their goals, including Anti-Shake.

BTW, KM and Sony have been working on DSLR models for Sony since last July, even before the recent acquisitions, etc. were announced. We should start seeing the new products rolling out this summer.


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Of course, the 16 Million Minolta Maxxum/Dynax/Alpha mount lenses already in the market may have something to do with it, too. ;-)

Those lens owners should represent a lot of potential customers that already have usable lenses. So, that gives them an extra incentive to buy DSLR models that can use them.

That doesn't even count the third party lenses in the market made by Tamron, Sigma, Tokina, Vivitar/Cosina and others.

Since Konica Minolta was the "new kid on the block" getting into the DSLR market game with a camera DSLR buyers could afford, they've got a very small marketshare compared to Canon or Nikon.

So, any marketshare that could Sony could get from from existing Minolta Lens owners should be largely untapped.

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I went nuts with shallow DOF pictures when I got my 5D, and I sure noticed the quality too... spectacular compared to a P&S!

Just because one brand/product/supplier is popular does not make them good, it means that the marketing folks are doing well. There are plenty of good products that never become popular. If your worried about going pro and needing to use canon or nikon, I say forget it. When you drop fifteen grand on a pro setup replacing a few hundred dollars of consumer lenses is no big deal. If you want to look like a pro, then by all means follow the herd. Pentax users are a good example of people who are more interested in photography than pixel peeping (or whatever they called it back in the chemical days).

I like uisng AS with bright primes and getting sharp pictures at longer than a tenth of a second. I like the cheap used minolta lenses. I like the control layout, ergonomics, and appearance. Canon and Nikon are too cult-ish and I dont like thier entry level products as much as other brands.

Your shopping for a system, not a one time camera purchase. Find one you like, find the lenses you like, and look at all those auxilary costs too.
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