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:-)Hi I had the same problems I was looking at all the reviews for 5 mths and as you know they all seem to contradict one another most of the time ,one will rate 95 /100 another 50/100 for the same camera ,in the end I decided the FZ7 was the camera that filled my requirements as I like a bit of controlbecause I have always had S L R s. I must say I have had the camera for 3 weeks now & I think its awesome far better than I expected,the image stabilizer allowsme to hand hold shots at 15th of sec @ 420 mm & I have had shots out at 1/ 6th @ 36 mm,the burst mode has allowed me to get action shots of my grandson playing football,shutter lag is good for digital. I have taken shots at 1600 i s o indoors and I have been impressed with the result because with my film slr the shots would be impossible without a tripod unless I changed my film mid roll .There are a lot of in camera settings for sharpness ,noise reduction etc I leave mine on standard setting & tweek them in Photoshop,as a matter of interest I am 70 years old but I have very good eyesight and I am very fussy about my photo qualityand I have no hesitation recommending the FZ7 ,but a camera is a camera & wont do the impossible you need to know what you are doing to get the best out any camera.What stopped me getting the Canon 3 IS was Error 18 look it up on the web ,& Sony 's Quality control ie China again look it up on the web. Good Luck to you all
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Like you I agonised over which super zoom to get & after spending weeks looking at all the review sites, playing with cameras in shops & reading various forums, I narrowed my choice down to just 2 cameras: The Sony DSC-H2 & the Canon S3 IS, why?, becuase these 2 cameras are head and shoulders above all over superzooms.

In the end I went for the H2, becuase although it's on a par with the Canon S3 IS It's cheaper & comes with batteries/charger and an adaptor/hood "as standard",In my opinion Canon have made oneBIG mistake by charging more for a Camera, that's no real improvement over the S2 and then charging for extras that should really come as standard.

Unlike the Panasonics & Canons the H2's a looker & so far (only had mine a week) It's totally blown away the crap Fuji E550 I had previously, it does have some faults; No RAW, TIFF & the placement of the buttons can lead to accidental mode switches(to Macro etc), but apart from that it's excellent.

If your loaded go for the Canon S3 IS, if you want value for money get the Sony H2/5.

If you want a smaller, more compact mega zoomcamera you may want to considerthe Panasonic TZ1, I have'nt seen it but so far it's been getting good reviews.

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What is better? telephoto for Kodak 880 or a wide angle lens for a Canon S3 IS?
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BeeF, it surprises me that you left out the Fujifilm S5600 and S9500. Allthough these models only sport a 10X zoom, they offer things more important than image stabilization (which, in my opinion, is more of a marketing scheme for the ears of people that don't know that much about cameras and how they work) which are the SuperCCD technology that enables the Fujis to produce better straight-out-of-the-camera results than their competition and, speaking of the S9000, enables you to shoot wider than any of the cometition. Just cruise thru some reviews and serious tests to see for yourself.

P.S. I have owned the FZ30 and allthough it is a great camera, it is just very annoying to see that the results starting from ISO200 are horrible. I have played around with my friend's S5600 and it is simply spectacular. I expect the S9500 to be even better as it sports a 28-300mm lens as opposed to the FZ30 that had a 35-420mm. And, telling you from experience, wide is much more important than zoom.
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Hey Beef,

ah, you do want wide angle after all ...

Wide angle and Tele adapters add bulk and weight to your camera. Plus you loose zoom range and image quality.

Your digicam with a lens adapter mounted won´t be much smaller than a small DSLR.
And you loose image quality.
I think that switching DSLR lenses is way better than mounting/dismounting add-on lenses.

Since you are concerned about bulk, look into the Pentax DS/DL. They are small DSLRs with good ergonomics and competitive pricing (DS is the better choice). Pentax lenses are very compact; the DA 50-200 (equiv to 75-300) is the smallest/lightest telezoom available.


BeeF wrote:
What is better? telephoto for Kodak 880 or a wide angle lens for a Canon S3 IS?
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