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I've spent hours researching and have my choices down to 2. I just can't decide between the Canon S2 IS and the Panasonic DMCFZ7. I keep looking at various galleries of pictures and lean towards the Canon, but it could be that there are better photographers taking them since the Canon has been out longer. I have back problems and I'm not sure if weight would be enough of a difference to end up affecting me.I also am not sure which battery option would be best... the rechargeable in the Panasonic or the AA's in the Canon. HELP! Any advice?????
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I personally prefer lithium proprietary batteries but wouldn't limit my camera choice based just on battery type.

You can get good LiON spares online for $20 – mine have been as good as the originals. If you decide on the Panasonic I would go to the Panasonic board and ask what people have currently had good success with. You can charge the spare and put it someplace handy. Two months later it will still be almost fully charged when you need it. Lithium batteries are lighter for their power and take less space. Camera electronics have progressed to the point where you often don't really need a spare.

The S2 is considerably heavier with the four NiMH batteries installed. You have to buy a charger and batteries if you don't already own them. The self-discharge is such you wouldn't want to keep a set for an extended period without recharging them.

All that being said I think I would prefer the S2 by just a little. The flip-out LCD is handy in a lot of situations and the wind buffered stereo mics will give better movie sound. Wind noise is a real nuisance.

But the FZ7 is more compact and considerably lighter with the batteries installed. The optical quality is just as good IMO. Noise is probably about the same – neither camera is very good for noise. You do get an extra Mp if you need a large print.

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I was stuck on these 2 cameras myself. I went with the fz7. One like mentioned here the battery. I am allset with AA and like the li-ion for keeping a charge a long time when not in use. Two was size and weight the fz7 was lighter and smaller. Three the lcd for the Canon is smaller. Four the Canon has 1 MP less resolution. Five the fz7 takes wide screen movies the Canon does not. Hope this helps.

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