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What about the pana TZ1? It has 10x zoom and you can zoom while your taking movies. I'm trying to decide between it and the FZ7. The TZ1 is smaller but no viewfinder. Seems like it fits your requirements.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I have decided to go with the FZ7 on basis of better performance then that of the TZ1you just mentioned. I thought about what you said Justinian and the zoom while important to me isnt the biggest thing and I can live with this and when one comes out that has the features and performance as this camera I will get that one. One thing though, I am looking to get an extreme sd III card and a second battery.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Do any of you know where a good site is where I can buy these cheapest? A 1 gig sd III and a backup battery with good capacity but not to much money?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Once again thanks for all your input.
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The FZ7 takes about 340 photos with the EVF and 320 with the LCD. At around 3Mb/shot that fills a 1 Gb card with best quality photos. If you want to shoot at lower quality buy a cheaper camera. At about 1.4Mb/sec the movies will fill the card with power left over. Any mix of movies and still photos will probably fill a 1Gb card well before you run out of power. You might not find you need an extra battery.

An Ultra III card is overkill for most cameras. I have an Ultra II for my camera that is faster than the FZ7 with 4Mb files and the card is really overkill for that. Do some homework on the Panasonic site before buying accessories.

As to your question about NiMH, cameras that take four NiMH batteries tend to take more shots per set than lithium. And spares are a lot cheaper after you buy the charger, which often comes with a set of four batteries. Camera electronics have become much more efficient and battery capacity has increased. The S2 gets about 550 shots with the LCD using 2300 mAh batteries, and those are low capacity by current standards.

Get the battery designation and do a Froogle search – I have found that best for aftermarket batteries. You might check on the Panasonic forum for what people have had good luck with. For the card use Steve's link to Shopping.com for the card if you have a specific brand and model in mind. http://www50.shopping.com/xPP-Digita...kin_id-3053120

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while it may be true that nimh take more shots than liths one things for certain - they run out of power when just left about.... i love being able to pickup my d50 weeks after not using it and having a full battery still

is the fz30 out of your price bracket then bone73, as it has everything you want including zoom during movies - which is silent as its a manual zoom... ??
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Hi Audioedge,

The fz30 is a very nice camera but it is a bit to large and a bit out of my price range. I wish I had more loot, don't we all. I was looking for something smaller in size but still having a large zoom. The TZ1 was almost what I wanted being that it was smaller but it didnt perform as well as the FZ7. My wife will be using this to take pics of her nephews so I wanted to try to get a smaller camera but still fit what I wanted in a higher zoom. I hope panasonic comes out with one like the FZ7 but with the zoom ability during movies I will grab it right away.
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Hi bone73,
I don't know of any online vendors that allow you to "try out" the camera, but most have good return policies, which means that in practice, you get to try out the camera and if you don't like it, you may return it for either a refund or exchange, depending on the vendor's policy. Or you could try to sell it on eBay. I have bought and either sold or returned many cameras. In fact, my new Panasonic FX-01 is due to arrive today from Amazon.com. ($295.14 w/ free shipping). If I don't like it, I'll return it.
As for AA batteries, I don't like them, but that is a personal matter. My sister has a Canon A610 and she seems to like them. You are right about their holding their charge longer than in the past. But I still prefer a li-ion battery because it is so easy to charge and there is only one battery to deal with, not two or more.
So have you purchased the FZ-7 yet? I have the FZ5 and I love it - great zoom and that Leica lens. Enjoy!

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Thanks man. It was going to be here today but I am not home and fedex wants a sig. Damnit, so I guess I have to wait another day. That annoys me. I look forward to using this camera though. Thanks for all your help
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