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podpapa Jun 18, 2006 5:50 AM

Hello everyone. I'm so happy that a forum like this exists. I will be heading to Europe for the first time in my life (I am 28 ) and I am planning to buy a digital camera in order to "capture the moment."

I have been reading the reviews from here, and other sites as well, and have almost narrowed my selection to the aforementioned cameras, the C533, V530, and Easyshare One.
  • My main concern is image quality (of course), with size and price being my two other concerns. [/*]
  • My budget range is about $200, including extra batteries and 1GB SD card.[/*]
  • I am also looking for a decent movie mode (which the C533 falls behind on compared to the others).[/*]
  • I would like a fairly compact, point-and-shoot camera, that will take great photos.[/*]
I don't know why I am fond of Kodaks, but other brands are not excluded for any reason other than lack of knowledge. This will be my first digital camera, besides the 1.3MP crap on my phone. :G

I would appreciate any insight into other possibilites within my price range, or possible problems/concerns/advice regarding my present choices.

Thank you everyone for your time and knowledge.

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