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The Shadow Jun 25, 2006 11:51 AM

I am in the market for a new digital camera, I have a 3-year-old Sony 5MP point and shot camera with a 3x optical zoom and it served its purpose. �

Here are the features that I am looking for in a new camera:

1. Faster shot to shot with the flash
2. Better zoom, at least 10x optical zoom
3. Larger LCD screen, at least 1.8in to 2.5in
4. Full manual controls

I've narrowed down my selection between the Rebel XT and the S3 IS.� The S3 IS looks to have everything that I am looking for, the only part I am unsure on is the shot to shot with the flash.� With most non-DSLR cameras you have to wait a few seconds to take another picture with the flash.� I wanna be able to take a picture with the flash, then immediately take another picture with flash.

Two of my buddies have the Rebel XT, and they can keep firing off shot after shot with the flash on.� The Rebel XT is really nice, but it's also a little expensive for my budget.� But if I have to spend a little bit more money upfront to save money in the long run, then I am okay with that.

flippedgazelle Jun 25, 2006 12:43 PM

You know that the Rebel XT, being a DSLR, is a completely different kettle of fish, right? Are you willing to take some time to learn how to use it properly, and invest in lenses, lug it around, etc.?

Personally, I'm still working on getting quality images from my A620.

You are comparing two completely types of cameras, kind of like trying to decide between a Honda Civic and a Corvette.

Hopefully, other members here can give you better information than I can...

JimC Jun 25, 2006 12:45 PM

If you look at the Review Conclusioin Sections (last page before the sample images in each model's review here), you'll see things like cycle times using a flash discussed.

From the S3 IS Review Conclusion:


...wiith flash, the shot-to-shot rate was one every 2 to 8.5 seconds, depending on the distance to the subject.

From the Rebel XT Review Conclusion:


Flash recycle time was good, ranging between 1 and 3.5 seconds depending on subject distance.

Note that distance to subject will cause flash recycle time to vary. That's because the closer you are to a subject, the shorter the flash burst can be for proper exposure (so, the recycle time is faster). Some models also have more flash range compared to others.

ISO speed also impacts it (because a shorter flash burst can be used at higher ISO speeds). Lens brightness also impacts it (and with many lenses, you lose light as you zoom in more).

Battery type also influences it. As a general rule, models using smaller batteries versus more powerful Lithium Ion Batteries (or 2 AA batteries versus 4 AA batteries) are going to take longer to recycle when everything else is equal between models (and it rarely is).

pagerboy Jun 26, 2006 1:19 AM

I have the S1IS and flash recycle time is slow, but if you want a digicam and not a dSLR then you may be able to find one with a hotshoe for an external flash. I'm looking at the RebelXT myself, and will probably get an external flash also.

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