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Hi all, I'm having trouble deciding which one to choose between these two models. Obviously I'm aware that one is a digital camera and the other is a digital SLR, but I was hoping for some expert insight...

The primary purpose of the camera is for landscape shots + Sports (rugby union) photography.

I'm tempted by the 8800 because it's cheap, easy to use, good zoom, VR, CF cards, 8MP...

I'm tempted by the D50 because of image quality, shutter speed + 3 shots per second, best for action shots.

Can anyone help me out?

I've heard the 8800 will have a tough time focusing at high zoom and it will take a while... is this correct? Also I've heard that ISO 400 isn't that great for rugby photography (a winter sport).

I would like to learn the finer points of photography but am not sure I can be bothered with SLR photography.

If an SLR is the best route, is the D50 the best one to get for an amateur like myself?

Thanks very much
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I owned a Nikon 8800 before going to a DSLR camera. The best word that describes the 8800 is SLOW, to focus, shot to shot etc. If you are shooting sport activities, you will need a DSLR, because it would become an impossible task with the 8800.

As to which DSLR, a lot of folks are taking advantage of the $100 Rebate being offered in the USA. I teach digital DSLR workshops. So the first thing you should do is go to a shop where you can handle the various models. For example, while I own a Canon XT, I feel that the grip is very small and pinched, and the viewfinder is like looking down a long, dark hallway. I like the Nikon D-50 and the Pentax DS or DL. The inventory of the KM 5D and 7D is just about exhausted, but I have hope for the Sony Alpha.

Handle the DSLR's first, then let's chat some more. Here is a D-50 photo for you.

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