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Old Aug 4, 2006, 3:31 AM   #1
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Hi Shooters,

The same question ... the same crossroad ... again.
(But with some specifics)

I have been wondering which camera to choose. The two
contenders are Sony DSC R1 and Fuji s9500.

The s9500 has the most versatile range i.e 28-300 whereas
R1 is more specific with 24 - 100+.

My requirement is to able to take panoramic and nature shots
at widest possible angles and take A3 prints. And it'll be just
great if I can take good night time shots (but not a real necessity)
I am planning to spend around £400.

It'd be lovely if anyone can suggest which of these two
will be a good buy (more satisfying one). Yeah the R1
costs around £500 ... but still if it would be worth it if
it suits the purpose

Does anybody know anything other than R1 and s9500
hanging around which could be of any use ? If not then
if poeple who own these already can throw in some pointers


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Old Aug 4, 2006, 10:27 AM   #2
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sony r1: the quality of the pics are great !
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Old Aug 4, 2006, 6:33 PM   #3
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i seem to recall mtclimber having a 9500 that she wasn´t all that pleased about but she would have to verify that herself.

If its wideangle well the obvious choice would be R1.`(also has high iso )

How about a DSLR with a dedicated wideangle?
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Old Aug 4, 2006, 7:07 PM   #4
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Thank you,Monx-

This is a very interesting discussion. On one hand the lens fitted on the Sony R-1 is a very high quality lens that is very worthy of thaking note of for it very special qualities.

But, on the other hand, itsn't it quite logical to consider a new DSLR such as the Pentax K100D, which has AS, a feature not offered by Canon and Nikon, and a wonderful wide angle lens, or for that matter, even a moderate zoom that could easily exceed the lens that is currently being offered on the Sony R-1?

That is why IMHO I think that the Sony R-1 has rather limited appeal/future, when you honestly consider the alternatives that are available in the DSLR format.

Quite honestly, I believe that the R-1 has served its particular purposes for Sony. They really wanted to attract the attention of the DSLR manufacturers and that was a sucess in as much as that imager got utilized in the Sony Alpha A-100 camera and perhaps in the Nikon D-200, I am not really sure.

However, I draw your attention to the Samsung 10+mp CMOS imager that is going to be, apparently used in the soon to be introduced, Pentax K10D? Please note that it is NOT the Sony 10+mp imager, but a SAMSUNG CMOS imager. That is a rather LARGE change. The Pentax-Samsung partnership is producing some interesting potentials.

Monx, you are based/live in the Far East, don't you see a dramatic change potentially taking place in the DSLR CMOS/camera market? Samsung may indeed be just getting started right now, but I look to them, in the near future,for surprising things and cameras. Ihonrest think that we will see a very rapid "spin-up" of the Samsung DSLRcameras soon being offered, when you give serious consideration to the Pentax-Samsung Partnership.

What do you honestly think?


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Old Aug 4, 2006, 10:50 PM   #5
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i Can definately see a massive increase in DSLR interest here in the PRC. China is a massive market, and the mainland is indeed waking up tothe DSLR Craze! I haven´t seen a single dedicated store for pentax here in BEijing ( *关村, zhonguancun ) But Samsung definetaly has massive consumer recognition in this area.Nikon and canon are of course big, and sony should be able to do quite well here simply because of a strong brand. I have seen an increase in booths that actually carry the samsung line of DSLR´s. If Peantx could gain access to samsung logistics and marketing apparatus They could have a potential winner on their hands. Mind you one argument falls short.- The vintage lens argument. Therange of used/vintage pentax lenses here in china is low. I havent been able to see any around.Most of the old lenses for pentax is 20+years . Afterall 20+ years ago china did look a lot different 1978 Deng reform or not.( not that many hobby photographers around at thattime )

To the original topic:

I have to agree with Mtclimber on the k100d. In my book it is simply the strongest competitor ( when i comes to function over brand ) in the entry level segment. I used to think the KM D5 was the top of the pop, but i cannot forgive sony for going 10mp and lowering iso to 1600 anti dust system or not! For me the DSLR is meant to be able to work in environments where the rest of them give up, for instance low lighting.

I think i would go DSLR in your case.- The R1 is to limited ( good optics or not )
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Old Aug 5, 2006, 2:53 AM   #6
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Hi All ,

Thanks for the info.

My only apprehensions about getting a DSLR were
the ones related to carrying around those lenses.

I am not a profesional photographer ...

But looking at the choices, I do agree its possible to
get a DSLR for £500.

I just saw an offer on the web where you can get
some Pentax *istDL + 18-55 + 50-200 + 1 Gig memory.
Thats a fairly good deal ... uhh ... looking at the price
and the contents of the package. (£516)

The Pentax K100d + 18-55 is for £450 !!!

Now, another confusion (sorry folks)

A friend of mine is a die hard fan of Cannon. He has a
fancy EOS30D with an arsenal of lenses ... and those
Cannon cameras are much much more expensive than
Pentax. He sometimes mentions acronyms like IS,USM
,DO.(that stuff costed him more than £800)

I have a faint idea what USM means ... Ultra Sonic Motion
(or Motor). Honestly ... I tried the Sony R1 at one of the
retailers yesterday and the Sony lense movement was
100% noiseless and it didnt say USM at all. Even the shutter
was a tad bit quieter ... ???

So ... coming down to it. I am a hobbyist ... what will I be
missing out on if I buy a Pentax *istDL or Pentax K100D
at £500 and leaving out Cannon (and saving tonnes of pounds) ?


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Old Aug 5, 2006, 3:47 AM   #7
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first of all i think canon 30d is a bit overkill.

IS is the name for stabilization of the lens ( in canons example ).They are VERY expensive those lenses!

With the k100d Not the DL you would also get IS, not in the lenses but in the camerabody, meaning that all the lenses wouldhave IS.

The R1 isn´t as noise because its not an actual mirror swirping ( yes i just made that :-))

Don´t get caught up in the name branding It´s not all its cracked up to be! ( I like them all by the way, but i wouldn´t choose just for the name )
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Old Aug 5, 2006, 11:36 AM   #8
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Hi all ,

Just got the time to actually download the K100 brochure
from Pentax US site.

They still dont have it on UK site. Though it is available if I
buy online.

Sounds like a good choice after all. The camera adjusts the
sensor in case of shaking. And thus no need for adjusting
the lense arrangement ... simple

But lets leave that for Cannon to figure out :?

Well Thanks a lot Monx and Mtclimber for suggesting K100.
It definitely sounds like a great choice :idea:

If you guys dont mind my asking ... what all cameras you guys
have in your personal collection and which ones are your
all rounder(or otherwise) favorites ?


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