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Hi all, I've got £1200 to splash out - ooo lucky meeee :-)

Here's what I have:
Nikon D50
Sigma 10-20mm + polariser
Nikon 18-200mm VR + polariser
Nikon 70-300mm G
Sigma 105mm macro
Sigma 400mm f/5.6 macro
Tamrac Exp 5 backpack
70" tent studio with 5100k lighting
Cheap tripod (it works tho!)

Here's what I do:
Wildlife photography - mainly birds, esp in flight.
Simple 'studio' shots of products in my cheapo tent.
Anything else that turns up.

What equipment you would buy? I don't have a compact so maybe that would be an idea?
I have an idea but I'll see what you peeps think first.
Any ideas appreciated.
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Wow - cool position to be in!

Well you've only got a few sensible options right?


1. a D200 body (keep the D50 as a spare to reduce lens changing or sell)

2. 80-400 VR lens (sell the sigma 400 & 70-300 zoom)

3. Of course if you're happy with the quality of your shots now you could also go for "accessories"

A nice A3 printer like the Epson 2400 (if you don't already have one).

And perhaps one of those Gigavu Pro Evolution devices. £600


And for £200 you can get a pretty nice tripod too. Giotto or Manfrotto Pro with ball head, might make more of a difference than you imagine.

Panasonic FX01 pocket camera. £230

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Cheers for the ideas.
I've considered the 80-400mm VR - They weigh about the same but The Sigma 400mm focusses 70cm closer.
VR - 2.3m @ 400mm (max. magnification ratio 1:4.
Sigma - min. focus distance of 1.6m is good enough for a max. object magnification of 1:3

So it doubles up as a macro - great for shooting butterflies/fauna.

That D200 is looking tempting tho :?
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