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i am planning to buy a 10x optical zoom camera...

i have few models in mind, one is kyocera m410r, olympus c-765 & fuji s5100..

i want an affordable, fastand good picture quality cam... :|

can anybody assist me.... i am in interest of m410r , but have read many sites' review about it'sdull and dark colors....

can anybody help :roll:

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Because Yashica no long makes the Kyocera M410r, and because it was not a really great digital camera. I know because I own one. I would certainly tend to place the M410r at the very bottom of my priority list.

You mention the Fuji S-5100 and the Olympus C-765. Both are very capable digital cameras, but they do not represent the latest technical advances in digital cameras. Budget allowing, if you went to the new Fuji S-5200 you would have more features, especially a higher ISO capability and a fixed lens that does not have to extend. Like the S-5100, the S-5200 also uses AA size bateries, another bonus.

Here is how I would arrange the priority:

Fuji S-5200

Fuji s-5100

Olympus C-765 (uses a proprietary battery

Kyocera 410r

Sarah Joyce

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I would recommend to take a look at something which has IS. It is a nice feature ot have for 10x or higher zoom, unless you want to carry tripod all the time.
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Old Oct 25, 2005, 12:21 AM   #4
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well, thanks both of you.... by seeing so many shots of m410r, i am fed up

from this guy and never ever buy this dull image producer....

and as far as your suggested cams are concerned i am :?

they are too costly..... i'll better buy a NIKON 4600 / 5600.... :idea:

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I've had an Olympus C-730 (similar to the C-765) for three years and absolutely love it. For about $100 more, the Panasonic FZ5. with image stabilization, is getting great reviews.

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