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I'm looking to replace a stolen Sony DSC-P150 compact (3x Opt Zoom/ 7.2mp) which has given excellent service.

Is it naïve to assume their W200 @ 12mp, 3xOptzoom (+ Image Stab) is that much better?
And if so - that it's likely to attract a review soon?

Equally the Panasonic FX100 (12.2mp & 3.6 opt zoom, + Image Stab) looks appealing on paper to the innocent. Same questions please - naïve or valid sense? Likely review?

I'veread on other posts that Panasonic Image Stab is tops.
Does that, plus the slightly higher optical zoom, favour the FX100?
Or would their TZ3 (10xOpt zoom, 7.2mp) do better?

Best mightbe to see their 10xOpt Zoom from TZ1/TZ3 on a new12mpmodel.
Any jungle drums suggest that's coming? I can wait3 months if worthwhile.

I'd greatly appreciate guidance please.

Many thanks, Mike
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Within a given technology level there seems to be noise penalties associated with high pixel densities in small sensors. Realistically you probably won't be overly bothered if you just view your images full screen or make small prints.

But if that is the case you have no use for 12Mp. A 6 or 7Mp camera will make a beautiful 11 X 14 print if you don't have to crop much.

If you are thinking the extra Mp will make up for lack of optical zoom with cropping, that doesn't equate. You will get a much better image at 10X from the TZ3 than cropping the same image from a 3X 12Mp image. You would be using around 1Mp of the 12Mp sensor in that case and obviously the TZ3 image would be much better.

I like large prints and can actually use 12Mp. But I'm willing to take the image into Photoshop and do a lot of sophisticated work with a noise plug-in and other things to get a decent image I can print. Even at that I'll probably wait a while for technology to catch up unless someone comes up with a miracle. The 12Mp Fuji F50 might turn out to be acceptable in a pocket 12Mp, but I don't have my hopes too high.

At least wait for some good reviews.

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An increase in megapixels shouldn't be viewed as an upgrade, it's really a tradeoff. A camera with double the megapixels will produce an image that is about 40% wider, and in bright light it will likely be a somewhat sharper image, though for the most part it's unlikely to be a noticeable difference unless printing really huge.

However, increasing the megapixels on a sensor also increases the noise, which means that in less than ideal lighting a sensor with less megapixels will actually produce a sharper, more detailed image. So the choice is between a camera that produces better images in good light, or one that can produce good images in more situations.
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