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Default 1st baby due the end of November

Our firstborn is due at the end of the month and I'd like to get a good camera.

Looking for a point and shoot type camera with good video functionality as well.

Currently considering the Panasonic LX5 or the Nikon Coolpix S8100, I'm open to others.

I'm not a photography expert, but would like a camera that is easy enough to use (wife), but has some more advanced options for night photography etc.

We currently have a Canon SD750 which is really nice for outdoors, but is pretty awful in low light and red eye is huge problem.

Thanks for all of your help!

I found a list of questions listed in a FAQ tha I've answered below as well.


Camera Type

Point and shoot

Is this your first camera? First ever, or first digital?

No have had a Nikon DSLR film camera and currently have a Canon SD750

Are you interested in a high level of control, or would you prefer to let the camera do as much "thinking" as possible?


If you had to choose, would you prefer a more versatile (large "") zoom lens, or top-notch image quality with no zoom at all?

More versatile

What size of camera do you want? To what degree would you be willing to sacrifice other features for compactness?

What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible.


Do you plan to spend more on additional accessories now or in the future? (Lenses, lighting, tripods, batteries, memory cards, camera bags... it adds up!)


How long do you plan on keeping this new camera?

few years


What will you generally use the camera for?

Baby pictures, inside and outside, vacations, some macro shots.

Are you going to photograph sports? What sport, and from how far away?


Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos, or other low-light photos?


Will you make prints, or primarily view and share images on a computer screen? If you make prints, will they typically be small (up to 57") or medium sized (810"), or are you interested in larger sizes as well?


Are you interested in spending time post-processing to make an image "perfect", or would you prefer to use images basically straight from the camera?

20% post, 80% as is from camera


Are there particular lenses or technical features that are interesting or important to you?

Are there particular brands or models you already have in mind?

Nikon Coolpix 8100, Panasonic LX5

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You are going to have to choose between low light and large zoom b/c they won't fit in a pocket cam. If you plan on doing 50% indoor shots, I would give up that zoom.

The LX5 and S8100 are 2 entirely different classes of cameras. If you go for the LX5, you give up the zoom. If you go for the S8100, you give up the low light.

If you want 80% of your images ready to go out-of-camera, you definitely want to consider the S95 which offers better JPEGs than the LX5. The LX5 is a great camera though and actually, these 2 models are always my first recommendation for someone looking for a low light camera in this size range. The LX5 is a bit more serious, but the S95 is more portable. You could look at the Canon G12 also
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Thanks for the note.. I just did some reading on the S95 will see if I can find one locally to try out.
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For the indoor stuff the LX5 will blos by the nikon. And if you need more light you can add a flash.

The s90 is a good indoor camera, giving similar results as the lx5. But you do not have as many options like adding a ttl flash to the hotshoe.
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Default Shooting Babies

After trying very hard to get the perfect photos of the babies, I have a few ideas of what you need:

1. Low light capability. The flash can really startle the babies, so better not to use it if you don't have to. After a certain point, some babies will start to close their eyes every time they see you with a camera pointed at them. (You might not be able to use the flash in the delivery room. )

2. Quick bursts of images: Those darling little smiles come and go very quickly. You have to be FAST. Put a priority on quick response and or quick bursts of images.

3. Video is great for babies. Lots of times I gave up on stills altogether and took short video instead. It captures the baby's personality really well. Get someone to interact with the baby in the background, eliciting smiles and goos. Lots of fun on video.

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The post above has some really good points regarding taking baby picture. Flash and babies don't mix. Quick burst is a must, taking baby pic is almost like taking sports pics. I have a 4yr and a 4month old. I have a D200 SLR, LX5 and several others. In my opinion, only an SLR will keep up with kids, but that a bit overkill. The LX5 has really great low light capabilities, I found that it was able to shoot at a much lower ISO than other camera due to it larger aperature F2.0. And the LX5 shoots really nice video. It has zoom and focus during video, where as the S95 doesn't, which is very important considering kids will be moving away and coming at you all the time.
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