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I was offered to buy a 20d from a friend with the lens ,compact flash card, remote and mono pod for $1,000 its in awesome condition. I was how ever all set to get the nikon d70s , i have no experience with dslr's or slr's and have no lens. I had always thought that nikon was the cream of the crop. But when i was comparing cameras at the local store they claimed that the d70s and 20d were pretty much = . I was wondering if there would be any noticiable difference in pictures taken from each one if compared? I shoot my kids sports (volleyball,basketball, wrestling football and softball) as well as nature pictures,and was looking for a camera that would allow me the ability to create some stunning prints.Currently i have a point and shoot and my pictures are grainy when taken inside without a flash.I wanted some pictures i can frame and proudly hang on my wall.

Now i wwas looking at the statistics of each camera ,and there are some differences and i am not sure how they compare or what they might mean and was wondering if someone could help me .

Like flash sync 20d is 250, d70 is 500?

metering 20d=evaultive,partial ,and center weighted, d70= 3d color matrix,center weighted,and spot metering? what is the difference in the metering ability in the two cameras ? will one meter better in low light? which one is easier and is one more accurate?

focus area =20d has 9 af points,d70 has 5 , does this make a huge difference will one focus faster or more accurate?

does the 20d have rear curtain flash ,as the d70 does ? will this be a huge factor and what does that mean? rear curtain flash?

the ev steps 20d +/- 2 stops in 1/2 or 1/3 increments ,d70= +/- 5 stops in 1/3 or 1/2 increments ,does this have an advantage?

d70 = rgb ccd sensor, 20d is cmos is there a difference in the qaulity or accuracy of reproduction from one sensor to the other?

I know this is a lot to ask and i don't need specifics just trying to understand the differences and see if they will mean any huge difference to me and my use of the camera as i am new to this and want to start out on the right foot and this seems like a really good deal on the 20d.... Please email me at [email protected]

thanks Bill Butcher, i can't help but notice in magazines i really don't see very many 20d pictures in the contests , but i have seen pictures in the camera shop and they looked really good, but wasn;t sure which one would be easy to use ,a camera you can grow with and one that will produce accurate color , and be able to focus in dim light , which i here is a problem with most digital cameras. The lighting in the gyms can be poor and sometimes flash isn;t an option. Again thanks Bill B
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I guess I will give you a response, since you have posted the same message in all the d70/Canon posts (really bad netiquette by the way). Both camera's are excellent. The 20D is a much heavier duty machine. It has a die cast metal body and is made to low end professional quality. The Nikon, on the other hand is plastic, but has a few advantages, mainly in flash. The Canon flash system is not quite as good, but with experience can be very good. It is just not great out of the box and takes some experimenting. If you can get a 20D in like new condition for a thousand then it should be a no brainier. Depending on the lens that could be almost $2,000 worth of stuff. Just remember the body is only a start, the flashes, lenses, assorted stuff will often add up to much more than the body! You can easily drop 400 on a tripod and only get middle of the road. Lenses can get very pricey and a good one for sports, especially indoors or night can set you back a few to several thousand dollars. It is a slippery slope the digital SLR thing. The DSLR also takes a long time before you get really good results. It takes practice and experimentation.
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The Nikon has 1/500th flash synchronization which is good if your into sports photography or shooting moving objects where you want to use a little fill flash.

Maybe I'm prejudiced (I own a 20D) but I think the image quality isbetter with the 20D and it's a better all round camera.

The thing to keep in mind is the long term. Assuming you will get a couple of years out of your camera, and by that time, a much better camera will come along. If you own a Nikon, and end up buying Nikon lenses and accessories, then you'll likely want to upgrade to another Nikon. If you buy a Canon, and then buy Canon fit lenses, you will want to upgrade to a Canon.

So decide if you want to invest in Nikon or Canon "systems" for the long term.

Personally, I wish I had the 1/500th flash synchro but I'm still glad I bought the 20D.

-- Terry
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Hey sorry you think its bad etticate to post on all the sites, but i was under a quick deadline and wanted tohere from people who may have used either or or both models of camera's to help me decide which is more important as i don't understand a whole lot about the camera's and different stlyes of photography, and it all gets confusing.I have bought and read many books that are to teach you but they do the same thing are very vague, it all comes down to what feels better ... Well i have to believe that in certain situations or needs one maybe better in some ways? Its like comparing chevy to ford, if i need a truck they both have similarities and fuction quite well , but if one had 4 wheel drive the other didn't and i was going to be in mud alot then it would apply more to my need to get the 4 wheel drive... Example Chevy is bit more expensive and slightly nicer interior, runs very smooth has a very nice ride. replacement parts cost more for a chevy and are cheaper made than ford. Now the ford rides rougher its suspension is tighter and stiffer , it runs well but generally has problem areas like brakes and tire wear, chevy usually has oil leaks around he valve covers, now they both can get you from point a to b at 70 mph... The difference is if you need to haul a lot of weight or tow a lot then the ford will be the better choice as it is set up heavier for this purpose, if you just want something to drive back and forth and occasionally haul things go chevy. Me i love the feel and drive of the chevy but i haul a lot of weight so i went with Ford.... Same applies to cameras. Does one focus better in low light? does one hav e better ,quicker auto focus? is one focus more accuratly? Does one render colors better? To me they seem quite identical and nikon surily didn;t feel pressured into turning the d70s into an 8mp so it feels it does an excellant job competeing with canon's 20d, and the d50 with the rebel.... I just wanted answers ,imput, and i thank you for giving your's. Bad etticate is when you cut in line, or let a door go closed on someone you know is coming up behind you . To weave in and out of traffic, talk on a cell phone in a movie theater or store. I suppose applying and asking from information from different sources might seem like poor etticate but i assure you i was hoping for different people to see the note and reply that maybe aren;t on or veiw another forum page or section. I was trying to get the attention of as many experts with a camera as i could....It's funny i talk to people that shoot and some say man i never use fill flash ,*and they make soem nice prints, then you have some that use it all the time, then you have some that never use flash for sports and some that do all the time. Then you got some that say 250 flash sync is plenty , then you have some that say owe 500 is needed .I am not sure it all gets confusing and whom do you beleive ,and to spend $1,000 plus on acamera to latter find out it would have been more or less important to have had different features etc, is crazy... Here it is very hard to sell a digital camera and come even close to what you have invested .Not to mention its a system ,and i am not a pro, so if i buyt a canon and lens then say man that 500 flash sync makes a huge difference ,and nikon is the only one that has it then man i screwed up and now have to change and rebuy everything and will be out some cash ,as is the point of my friend with the 20d i think he decided to change brands for whatever reason. Anyhow i just wanted honest advice. Bill B
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