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Default 24-105 L lens or body upgrade ?

Dear all,

Pleas give me an advice:
I have a Canon 350D with 28-135 USM IS Lens.
Which option do you recommend :

- Keep EOS 350D and buy a 24-105 L Lens
- Keep 28-135 USM IS Lens and buy a Canon 60D (or 7D) body.

I can't make decision and both options cost almost the same for me (specially if I buy 60D, it is exactly the same price as the 24-105 L Lens)

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I also have the old 28-135, but on a EOS 50D body. It may not be a top pick for a lens, but there is no way I'd give up the features of my 50D body. So in my view the body upgrade would come first.

Kelly Cook
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That's an interesting scenario. Good glass is a prerequisite for a good image. Bodies come and go. But that 350d is basic. Can you swing a 550d or 600d along with that 24-105mm?
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Normally I would say glass, but the new body in this case may give you more abilities. As it was mention the 350d has been around a long time. But if you do not shot low light I would go with glass.
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What do you find lacking in your current 350D and 28-135mm setup?
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what do you shoot
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Hi- as dr spock and wave01 suggest- what you shoot is significant,as is the fact that you feel limited in some area.... or do you..?
The 350D is still a cracking little camera,and a great picture taker- though obviously is missing some of the newer features,faster processors and high iso capabilities,movie modes etc. Perhaps your camera's "mileage" is more significant. Is there much life left in it..? Has it been to the moon and back..? That said,the 350D's a hardy little soul..
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I think you'll definitely get more from a body upgrade.
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The 24-105 is an improvement over the 28-135 you have now, but so is the 60D over your 350D. The biggest improvement to your kit would be from the 8MP 350D to one of Canon's current 18MP bodies. While the 28-135 isn't particularly bad, it's flaws might be more apparent with a higher resolution image sensor. Perhaps replacing the 350D with a 550D, and doing what you can to replace the 28-135 as well, might be a good course of action.
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