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I decided to buy a camera recently on ebay in a package deal. I was just wondering what people think about this package.:O

Couple things worth mentioning first:

1. The 75-300 lens is a III, not a II (though I dont know the difference at this point)

2. I bought this package thinking that i would like to first learn how to take good pictures withOK lenses, then eventually get a nicer lens (such as the 17-85 IS that I have readquite a fewgood things about)... I realize that this logic is a bit fuzzy.

3. I know this is prolly a sketchy company, but I have gotten the camera and it works great so far.

4. I did pay a little more (200 to be exact) for an extended battery, rapid travel charger, to make sure that the CF card was a CFII, and shipping insurance.

5. The extras are nothingspecial (tripods, cleaning, card reader, and even the flash)

6. This camera is replacing a Pentax Optio 550 that worked excellent for outdoor pictures, but just terrible for low light indoor.

7. Lastly... I am sure that if i looked longer for all of these items, they would have been cheaper. I just didn't have the time to do so.

Any and all feedback greatly appreciated!



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{I decided to buy a camera recently on ebay in a package deal}

You're a BRAVE man...or you have money to burn. I would NEVER purchase from an eBay seller with less than a 99% feedback rating...and personally, I would never purchase froma NON Canon-authorized dealer. Iguarantee you purchased "gray market" merchandise (non-USA, direct import items that are NOT covered underCanon warrantee). A "USA" warrantied itemcan be repaired byany Canonauthorized service facility worldwide if the item required in-warranty service.A "direct import" item would have to be returned tothe retailerif it required in-warranty attention.

If this is not important to you, then no big deal...In most cases, there is no difference between the "gray market" item and its USA counterpart. They have the same specifications, same number of elements in the same number of groups. They were manufactured side-by-side on the same assembly line, by the same workers, to the same tolerances using the same raw materials.

{I did pay a little more (200 to be exact) for an extended battery, rapid travel charger, to make sure that the CF card was a CFII, and shipping insurance.}

What you received for your $2Kis anAWESOME DSLR camera (body),bottom-end Canonlenses, a HUGE memory card,and a slew ofcheap, no-nameaccessories which you'll end up replacing (along with the lenses) or never even using. Dont get me wrong,I'm not suggesting you needed to purchasetop of the line "L" series lenses...the Canon lensesincluded in that package willwork just fineas you learn to use the camera, although image quality may suffer somewhat.But for about the same money you could have 86'd the crap tripods, wide-angle, bag andflash...andupgraded (at least one of the Canon lenses) to a17-85, or the "IS USM" version ofyour 70-105,and hadbetteroptics, full-time manual focus, distance scales, ring (vs micro) USM motors, and metal (vs plastic) lens mounts (on the 18-55 and 28-105).

I went the opposite route...I compromised on the body (by going with the 20D vs the 30D) and saved $300 so I could upgrade my choiceof telephoto lensfrom the 70-200 f/4L to the f/2.8L. I'd love to have the 30D, but other than the slightly larger LCD screen I'm not sure I'd ever take advantage of its upgraded features....at least not for some time to come.

Well, there's MY feedback...hope you appreciated it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I know that most of the stuff in the package will have to be replaced and i really thought about getting a pack with only the 17-85 IS, but i thought it might be nice to have a telephoto lens for certain times. I am already starting to realize that the wide angle isn't impressive, and i just have it stuck on the 18-55. The camera so far is excellent, but I haven't taken any pictures that areanything to write home about(only because I have just been trying to figure the camera out). One way of thinking i guess is that if I would have gone to Circuit City, I would have paid 1600 after tax and I would have just had the camera with the 18-55 and no memory card. My thinking was the various lenses would give me some flexibility (for the time being, then down the road get one with IS and more...). Once again, any and all feedback is appreciated.
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The warranty would be my biggest concern (other than spending a lot on lenses that may leave something to be desired).

Some manufacturers will refuse to service a gray market camera (one not intended for sale in the U.S.), even if you are willing to pay them for the service. Nikon USAhas this policy. Ditto for Nikon Canada, and the store warranties are often not worth the paper they're written on (since they can't get the parts to fix them).

Canon may be a bit more lax in it's service policies.If it's a gray market camera and you need service, there is one way to find out. ;-)

I don't know if it's gray market or not.

However, dealers that sell cameras intended for sale in the U.S. usually post that in their listings (for example, Canon USA Manufacturer's Warranty).

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Well, you got it now...enjoy it!!

When you're ready to upgrade your lens, I'd skip the 17-85 and go for the EF-S 17-40 f/4L. You'll sacrificethe image stabilization feature, but for $150 more you'll geta top-of-the-line"L series" lens (better optics and weather-resistant construction) and, from what I've read almost everywhere, BETTER IMAGES!!.However, if you plan on doing afair amountof low-light shooting, the "IS" featuregives you a sharpness benefitequivalent toa three-stop fastershutter speed.

If you want the best of both worlds (as I do), andhave deep pockets (as I dont), MY choice for a replacement lens would be the EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM. Its twice the price of the 17-85, but it offers image quality on a par withthe L-series lensesANDoffers "IS". Its larger 2.8 maximum aperture allows precise focusing, andcombined with the image stabilizationthis is anoutstanding lensfor low light shooting. I'd pre-order it right now if it weren't for the fact thatthe purchase would land me in divorce court...at least untilour home remodeling is complete!!

BTW, you MUST addthe Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens to your arsenal...trust me, you wont regret it. It's under $70, it's small, it's lightweight, it's sharp and it's 2-3 stops faster than any of the zooms. Everyone needs at least ONE prime lens...this is a fast, super-affordablelens ideal for portrait work!!I got one...LOVE IT!!


$69.89 @ 17th Street Photo http://www.17photo.com They're a Canon-USA authorized dealer and have one of the HIGHEST customer satisfaction ratings I've ever seen (at resellerratings.com)...better than B&H. THESEare theguys you want to buy your camera gear from!! Shipped my whole 20D package (body, 3 lenses, bag and tripod) to me UPS overnight (NY to Dallas) for $40.00...no bull$hit!! Oh yeah, ask for Mark.

{end edit}

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